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What can I do to improve my system?

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Here is my system-

Cheap Sony Player -
Ran with $5 coaxial cable -
To onboard DAC on HK 3490-
With Cheap RCA speaker wire(no banana plugs)-
Powering Sierra 1 Nrt's

Here are some thoughts of what I could do to improve. What do you think?

For speaker wire I though of using:
But I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. It cost's a total of $90, a bit much for speaker wire I think. If there are any just as good/better alternatives to this for less $$, I would greatly appreciate suggesting some of these options.

Should I use an external DAC, or do you think that HK 3490 has a good DAC built into it?

If I am going to be using a the HK's DAC, or and external DAC, would it really matter for me to upgrade to a better CD player?

Should I use a Coaxial cable that has better quality?
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Look a thread or three down on this very page. read the threads about speaker wire or patch cables. This is one subject everyone can spare themselves from repeating.

Other than that, you never mentioned what you think is wrong with your current system . This might help. Other than the proclaimed "cheap Sony player" (whatever that actually means) that you might want to upgrade, I know nothing of DACs to help you there, so that's all I got .
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Work on your speaker positioning instead. Once that's down, more or less, add a sub and work on integrating that with your speakers.
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Like dbx123 said, there's nothing to be gained from new wires, and very likely nothing to be gained from a new DAC (the HK3490 is more than good enough, so unless your CD player has trouble with bad discs (and I'd consider replacing the discs over the machine) or something else is broken with it I'd leave well enough alone) - layout and acoustics are more important to quality, but does anything need to be "improved" as it is?
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1) I can't find any specs on those sierra 1 NRT's...can you tell me the size of its woofers for low, midrange and high, as well as their RMS? That will affect what recommendation for wire guage you need.

2)Im not sure, but I know HK makes quality equipment. Your choice though.

3)Dont' know

4)Coax just sends a digital signal, a better quality cable, or thicker one will just provide better insulation from interference. If you are experiencing interference, yes, if not then its fine.
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