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2011 LG XXPV450 and 400 Owner's Thread

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Longtime lurker, first time poster. Hope this is ok to start this thread. Just picked up the 50PV400 at Costco and I saw there was no thread for the 50PV450 (which is pretty much the same TV as the costco model from what I gather). Just to kick things off: I'm not able to figure out if the intelligent light sensor thing is on or how to turn it off, if it is. Also, I can't get the energy saving mode to engage or disengage. I think perhaps the Costco model doesn't have this feature? Although, it is on the box and there's a button on the remote. Obviously, sharing settings would be great if anyone has some good ones. I saw that one guy posted his settings in an Amazon review. I'll cut and paste those over here if anyone is interested. I'm excited about this set, I think it will be pretty amazing after I crank up some of the settings (I'm babying it for the first 100 hours or so).
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Congrats on you new purchase.

You will probably find that the general LG chat lags behind that of Panasonic and Samsung, but hang in there and someone will eventually respond. The fact is that LG is still the secret yet to be discovered. If you are an average consumer that likes a good picture, willing to make the occasional adjustment, sit back and enjoy your favorites, then you made a great decision with LG.

Consider (if you haven't already done so) hooking up your new display to a home theater setup. The set will come alive by listening to multiple channels as well as watching a great picture.

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Thanks Jim. Will do. Hopefully there will be a good population of owners. I know the 60pv450 is selling like hotcakes online and at a certain big box retailer. To answer my own question the auto light sensor, you can disable it by going to one of the isf expert calibration profiles. Btw isf expert profile 1 is my preferred mode right now. The isf modes allow you to modify many more features; such a as tweaking individual colors.

Ps I picked the up in exchange for a 50" panny s. I just didn't like that one. The bezel is from 1983 and I kept hitting that damn viera link button. Also strongly considered the Sammy d450 but the one was $20 bucks more for 1080. Hope it works out.
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We picked up this TV for my father-in-law earlier this week. He is upgrading from a 15ish year old Toshiba 36" crt!

I haven't had too much time in front of the TV, but it looked very nice on the HD Animal Planet show about Yellowstone.

For $xxx it seems like a killer deal. The closest thing B*B* had was a 720P for about the same price, or a 40-42" LED for $700-$750.

50" Plasma
600 Hz
3M : 1 Contrast Ratio
Costco extends warranty to 2 years
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Here are the settings from anonymous guy on amazon: "I have my TV and Blu-Ray inputs set to Cinema with Contrast 57, Brightness 50, Sharpness 50, Color 64, Dynamic Color and Contrast set to OFF, Color Gamut set to STANDARD."
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If looking for settings check out the pk550 thread, which was last years model. The isf modes are still here and u can really adjust like over 20 options. One isf is for day and one for night, it seems. Can set them up diferently for each input. This set is beast. The Koreans are coming.
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I purchased my LG 50PV450 earlier today. I hope adjusting the picture settings for new use wont be too difficult.
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I found these settings in the pk550 thread. I'm going to try them out.

I want to know the white 20 point IRE and white balance calibrations. Here are my settings thus far.

Gaming: Xbox 360 HDMI 1080/60p
Picture mode: Expert
Contrast: 70
Brightness: 50
H sharpness: 55
V Sharpness: 55
color: 64
Tint G5

Expert Control
Dynamic Contrast: off
Noise Reduction: off
Gamma: Medium
Black level: low
Film mode: grayed out
Color standard: HD grayed out
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge Enhancer: off

White Balance: Medium
Method: 2 points

The rest of the color calibrations I of course have not touched.

Blu-Ray: Sony Blu-Ray HDMI 1080/24p
Picture mode: Cinema
Contrast: 80
Brightness: 50
H sharpness: 75
V Sharpness: 75
color: 55
Tint 0
Color temp: W30

Advanced Control
Dynamic Contrast: Low
Dynamic Color: High
Noise Reduction: off
Gamma: Medium
Black level: low
Film mode: Off grayed out
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge Enhancer: off

White Balance: Medium
Method: 2 points
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Read some disturbing things about lg plasma input lag from last year. Anyone run a lag test on this model? I'm still able to dominate on black ops, but I'm coming from an LCD so I suppose even the worst plasma blows the lag on lcds out of the water?
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Try these for cable/ blu-ray:

Picture preset: Expert1
Contrast 85
Brightness 49
H Sharpness: 50
V Sharpness: 50
Color: 50
Tint 0
Dynamic Contrast Off
Noise Reduction Off
Super resolution Off
Gamma Low
Black level Low
Film mode Off
Color gamut Standard
Edge enhancer Off
xvYCC Auto
Color filter Off
Color temperature Warm
RGB Method 2 points
R contrast 0
G contrast -3
B contrast 2
R brightness 4
G brightness -14
B brightness 11
Eco mode Off
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I got this TV recently and it's great. One thing though, the bottom left corner is just a bit brighter than the rest of the screen, only really noticeable on black bars or dark areas. I think it's because of the HUD on MW2 which has the biggest icon (team your on) at the bottom left. I don't have the settings high, constrast is at 45-50 and brightness at 40.

Will this go away after a while?
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Try the color and white wash. Supposedly u will only do permanent damage if you leave a static image for like days.
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Actually it might just be me now that I've looked at it more closely. Blacks are not exactly black and for some reason my eyes were drawn to the bottom left corner. I haven't calibrated it or anything yet either. I think it was just me.

Also, I was wondering about gaming and a few other things for anyone who can answer. I've been playing games since about the second or third day of owning it, (before that I was testing scenes on movies and HDTV channels), I have the contrast at 45 and brightness at 40, I have it on Orbiter and have run the color wash and white wash and/or TV snow between games (in lobby on MW2), after games, after periods of playing like say around 20 (even less) minutes, and when I'm not doing anything for extended periods I turn the TV off, or play TV snow and/or run the color wash and white wash for brief periods of inactivity. Am I doing everything right?

I'm at about 65 hours of use right now. When I pass the 200 hour mark, will watching movies with black bars be alright? One of the main reasons I got this TV was to finally be able to watch movies in 1080p and lots of movies have black bars. I will calibrate the TV at that time as well, is that the right time?

Another thing about black bars, will they cause the screen to become darker where the bars are being displayed? I guess this applies to HUDs in games as well, will they make the area they are displayed in brighter/darker? If I just watch other material such as HDTV channels, full screen movies, and play a variety video games will it balance it out?

Sorry for so many questions, relatively new to plasma. I'm sure I'll have more.
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Hi Folks,

I have had a 50PV450 for a couple of months now. I "broke it in" by just watching full-screen movies and playing games without HUDs. I had initially set the TV to Cinema mode with contrast to 60 and everything else to 50. Those settings haven't changed yet because it looks incredible already. I will definitely try the settings posted above (thanks for posting them!).

I haven't noticed any input lag (especially compared to my friend's LCD) but I'm not a hardcore Black-ops or CoD player. FWIW I can nail expert in Guitar Hero no problem and haven't had to calibrate those games at all.

Hawkeye101: I was initially worried about image retention and burn in as this was my first plasma. I do exactly as you do...every once in a while I'll run a Color wash and when I'm done playing a game or watching a movie, I just run the color wash for a few minutes "just in case." I have seen image retention but color wash has always eliminated the IR within minutes. I only start watching movies with black bars after 200 hours (give or take a few hours). I'm not sure if it's just paranoia though. I didn't want to take a chance.

I can't possibly be happier with this TV and I haven't tweaked the colors/settings at all since I set them to "Cinema" for the break-in. The PQ looks incredible already so I'm worried about messing with a good thing hehe. My brother has a 60PK550 and it's the reason I got the LG. People sometimes look at me funny when I say I got an LG but once they see the TV they become truly impressed. I attached a pic of my setup (when I first got the TV and stand...don't mind the protective film on the base or the wires/cables that show. Those are all fixed now hehe).

LG 50PV450
Harman Kardon AVR235 (oldie but still sounds great)
Totem Acoustic Sttafs for the fronts
Totem Acoustic Mite-T Center
Totem Acoustic Mite-Ts for the rears
Totem Acoustic Storm subwoofer
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Thanks for posting. Nice system! Let us know how the settings work out for you. I'm liking the gaming setting that I posted above. It's good to get a second opinion on the lag thing. I didn't think there was any lag, but I read about issues with it in the pk550 thread. WRT image retention, I've not noticed one single hint of a trace of an image, but I'm probably under 40 hours. Also, zero heat (I keep going up and touching the screen and the back periodically to check) and zero buzzing noize, even up close with mute. Although I understand this buzzing can take some time to rear its head. Surround sound is great for gaming, but I recommend a headset for the FPS games. Even if it's stereo only set it will give you better directional indicators, based on everything I've read and my own experience.
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I'll be getting my 60PV450 tomorrow. I started looking around the threads in this forum and the consensus seems to be that this model is an almost direct replacement to the PK550. Think I'm gonna use the calibration settings listed for the PK550 on a review site that I found. When comparing them on LG's website, they really do seem exactly the same.
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You're not supposed to talk price bro. Better edit, so we don't get the thread locked. Thanks for posting. Some of the settings I posted came from the pk550 thread.
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Originally Posted by corpraider View Post

You're not supposed to talk price bro. Better edit, so we don't get the thread locked. Thanks for posting. Some of the settings I posted came from the pk550 thread.

Edited. Thanks for the heads up!
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No prob. U got a great deal wish we had that store in nc. Post your settings if you like them.

Also to the gent who said he was afraid to mess with the factory cinema setting, you can reset the setting for the profiles back to factory at any time so don't sweat playing around with them!
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I returned my 50pt350 for the 50pv450 and I'm about 30 hours into my slides and now have issues. I've got a flickering pixel during my red slides .

I'm gonna fire it back up in the morning and see if the pixel is still flickering, if so I might have to consider bringing it back to Fry's and exchanging it for a new one. Nice unit though otherwise.
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I have had the tv about 3 wks now and am about 80 or so hours into break in. I am just breaking in watching full screen HD, and a little gaming. I have had no burn in, just a little image retention that always disappears in a matter of seconds.

So far all movies I have watched in zoom mode to avoid the black bars, hoping that once I hit 100-200 hours I won't need to do this anymore. But the picture quality is amazing. For my settings for break in I am using Cinema mode w/ contrast, brightness, sharpness, and rest of settings at default.
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Can anyone tell me if the PV450 has analog audio out jacks (red + white), or a microphone jack that will ouput stereo audio? It seems to be difficult to find a good picture of the rear for this set to determine the inputs/outputs.
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No analog audio output. No mic jack either. But I've not been able to find any model for 2011 in the same ballpark as far as price,with analog audio out. You can get a digital to analog converter from monoprice, however, for less than $30 bucks.
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Finally got my 60PV450 yesterday! As soon as I turned it on I went into settings and applied the calibration settings that I found for the PK550 series. I cant believe how great this TV is! Its in our downstairs room that has a sliding door off to our deck and there was almost no issues with glare (TV is about 5 feet from the sliding door). Picture is breath taking compared to the 62" 720p Toshiba DLP it replaced. Only a few hours on it last night (HD content through DirecTV and 2 hours of Planet Earth blu-ray) but I definitely plan on getting a few more hours in tonight.

Here are the settings I used:

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How do you get to that advanced menu?
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Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
How do you get to that advanced menu?
You just need to select the picture modes called ISF Expert 1 or 2.
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What is everyone doing as far as the intelligent sensor option under power saving? I was thinking about turning mine off as I typically only view TV/movies at night. I guess the real question is, does it just save power by reducing the backlighting brightness? Is it harmful to turn it off?
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Originally Posted by rapstar1983 View Post

What is everyone doing as far as the intelligent sensor option under power saving? I was thinking about turning mine off as I typically only view TV/movies at night. I guess the real question is, does it just save power by reducing the backlighting brightness? Is it harmful to turn it off?

Most of the factory presets have it set to "OFF", so I wouldn't think it'd be unsafe to keep it off for occasional viewing, or even extended periods of time. But for casual viewing, I keep it on.
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I picked up the LG 50PV450 this past Saturday, went in to Fry's looking for a 720p plasma for my sons old room. They had this one on sale 200 less than any other place even cheaper than the LG 720 model.

Well at checkout the sales guy asked if I didn't mind getting the one on display, they had opened it by mistake this past week and they had one already on display for a few months now and so they don't need two of the same style. He would knock out enough to give me the 4 year warranty for the price of 3 and also some cleaners, so figured why not sounded like a good deal and since I never owned a plasma I wouldn't take a chance and got warranty for it.

Brought the TV home hooked it up turned it on and decided to clean the screen, as I got close to it I started to noticed sort of like cracks inside the screen wasn't sure what it was turned out it was burn in. I realized that when it was on display they had it hooked up to a Blu-ray with some movie that was at the menu screen, as I looked for the menu icons of the movie they were burned in as well. I decided to keep it for a week see what happens if it goes away.... so far I had another bad experience when my son played a game for about 10 or 15 minutes afterwards I got burn in from that as well.

Is there a way I can check the number of hours that TV has been on?
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I just bought the LG 60PV450. However, before even taking it out of the box I had it shipped to Australia. I am back in the U.S. for 2 weeks & then heading back to AU.

Has anyone heard of any issues with this t.v. in the southern hemisphere?

Where I live there are numerous Yanks so we have most bases covered. We have power converters if needed. My house also has a few 110v power outlets. I'm thinking I'll get a plug converter & plug it into a 240v outlet that way I don't have to worry about the frequency (50/60).

I currently have a U.S. spec 42" lcd & there are numerous others who have U.S. spec t.v.'s so I'm not too worried.

I like what I'm reading so far. Sounds like a great t.v. especially for the price I got it for. Got it at a B+M for an online price!
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