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Originally Posted by fletch00 View Post

I've owned this set for 18 months and the dim dull gray whites are my biggest complaints - esp as a hockey fan - and I've tuned my expert settings to get the best picture.
Watching hockey games (SJ Sharks esp) where their camera angles are focused just on the white ice makes the picture average instead of the usual amazing.

I've seen very few threads mentioning the lack of brightness for white scenes let alone addressing it.

I watched a Sharks game at my friend's Samsung LCD and was blown away how BRIGHT the game was - is there ANYTHING that can be done for us hockey fans?
(no sure if its a hard coded white limit or we can tune?)


The best you can do is change your color temp. to something cooler. It's a built in brightness limitation, and can't be disabled.
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I hope I'm not too late to reply to this, but here is what I did when I found things too gray...

Sports setting

Contrast: 77
Brightness: 49 or 50 depending where you sit
Color: 35
Color Temp: W08
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Noise Reduction: Off
Gamma: Medium
Black Level: Low
Color Gamut: Wide
Edge Enhancement: Off

There's way too much color in wide range and had to lower it to 35. You can go a few notches up and see what you like. The higher I went, the reds and yellow's were annoying. For sports, going higher, is probably ideal.

Just one more note. This was on a Zenith 50pv220, which is a dumbed down version of the lg pv450. We don't have "Picture Wizard" on the Zenith and have to go by the eye. lol
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Tweaking the Sports preset is the ticket. Contrast 90 and Brightness 60, turn off all the auto settings and set the color to what you want because everyone's different on that.

No plasma's going to beat LCD for brightness but no LCD beats plasma for color and black depth imo.

For $1,000, this tv is freaking great. Really happy now.
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Im hoping there's still folks subscribed to this thread. I finally got around to applying those POT setting tweaks from pages 9-11. I really questioned myself on should I even mess with it.. My luck and all but so many of you seemed to have great success with it. How hard can it be to turn a knob.

So after have turned the Setup Pot all the way clockwise and the Vs one notch back. I now get this.

It may be a while before I will have someone to help me get this heavy beast off the wall again to reverse the changes but just wondering if anyone knows why this would happen.. I assume it has to be related to those Pot settings.


Edit: When I made the changes I did not see any of this. I had the TV plugged in and connected to a video source. This appeared about 2 days later.
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