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Ceton Infinitv resets

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Has anyone had any problems with their Ceton card resetting itself every few days? I leave my computer on 24x7 and the longest time my card has been up is about 6 days. I'm not able to trigger a reset but it usually happens after 2 or 3 days. All tuners are unavailable for about 1 min 30 seconds while the card resets.

If you go to the System tab on the Ceton web interface, there's an Uptime field. Uptime is then reset to 0 after this happens. Does this happen to anyone else who leaves their computer on 24x7?

My setup is fairly simple and here's what's been done so far to troubleshoot:

- Cablecard replaced
- Switched cable providers (from Cablevision to Fios) - low pass filter is installed
- Ceton sent a replacement card but the problem still happens
- Ceton had me try the latest beta firmware
- Disabled network tuner support
- Ceton temps usually around 55

I'm running on an AMD x2 3600+ w/ Windows 7 Professional x64 and 8GB RAM. Any feedback or assistance is appreciated -- Ceton support seems to have forgotten about me. Let me know if you'd like more details on my configuration.

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I've had that problem, but I don't remember if it was my original one or the RMA replacement (I'm thinking it was w/ the replacement card) but it just stopped doing after a couple of weeks, mine did it ever other day. My Ceton hasn't any had any problems since I moved it into my server and my HTPC hasn't had any Ceton related problems since I did a fresh install. One of the problems my first Ceton had was it would drop out when ever it got up to around 50C, it would still show device manager but the Ceton diagnostic tool and web UI couldn't even connect to it, a reboot boot would get it working again, however unless ambient temp had not gone down enough it would just drop back out after 5-15min. If you can add a small fan blowing on the Ceton and/or increase air flow thru the case it might help if it end up being temp related.
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