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I have a new Panasonic Viera P55GT30 and have set up a NAS DLNA server on the network. I am experimenting with what formats are supported via the DLNA functionality of the TV without going to a piece of software to perform further transcoding.

I am surprised to find that this plasma apparently does not seem to support 3D (.MPO) still photos. I took some shots with my EVO 3D cell phone and copied them to the media server. The TV does not display them in the list of available files.

If I copy them to a USB memory stick and plug that into the TV then it recognizes them as 3D photos and displays them in 3D. So, why can't it recognize the same format via DLNA since the TV does support this format?

Interestingly, the DLNA functionality on the TV can recognize and display 3D video shot with the same phone.