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New Samsung Tabletop DLP  

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Are there any pictures of the new tabletop 43" and 50" DLP TV's from Samsung? I thought all DLP TV's had to be either front or rear projection TV's. Are the new tabletop models similar to rear projection TV's without the base?

Here's the press release:

Dallas, Texas - 8th January 2002: Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (Samsung) and Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced an agreement under the terms of which Samsung will introduce a new range of large-screen, tabletop TVs using DLPâ„¢ technology. Samsung will demonstrate pre-production units of its first products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center (January 8th - 11th) at TI booth #2015 and at the Samsung booth #657 (Central Hall). First shipments of a commercial product are expected in mid-2002.

The Samsung pre-production units feature screen sizes of 43" and 50" and are characterized by weights of just 75 lbs and 84 lbs and front-to-back footprints of only 15.7 and 18 inches, respectively. Other features include multiple widescreen format inputs, DVD progressive scan input, DVI digital interface for true digital connection, 15 pin D-sub computer input, and 3/2 pull down. Anticipated price for the 43" model is $3,999.99 (MSRP) and for the 50" model is $4,499.99 (MSRP).
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Almost all the digital rear projection TV's (if not all) are table top. Usually they are shown with the optional $1000 stand.
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Check out the thread at ***************, lots of good info and pictures of the samsung. Still would like to learn more, but its a very intriguing product.

Samsung Spot
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I saw both the 50" and 43" units at the CES Show last January. The pictures looked a little soft but the cabinets, especially the 43", looked really smart. The plasmas still looked better than the DLP but they are double to triple the price also.
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The plasmas are actually available for sale, however, unlike these DLPs.

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