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It started about the similarities of the title (John Carter, Jack Reacher) and snowballed from there. And I admit complicity in that. tongue.gif

If it's a bother to you, PM a mod and I'm sure they'll move it.
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But Freeman doesn't have a reputation of being a shrimp. Nor did Cross's abilities hinge on physical prowess. To me it's like casting a tub of lard like Kevin James in a martial arts role more suited to Jet Li (unless you're going for comic effect, which I doubt they are.)
- Sammo Hung is the size of Kevin James, but can do action better than 99% of the people out there. wink.gif
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They might hit similar numbers on the scales or shirt sizes, but Sammo Hung isn't what I would define as a "tub of lard."

Plus, Hung doesn't get all the martial arts roles. There are times you'd want Jet Li instead.
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I had a chance to see Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, in person, at the Blade Runner Directors Cut Premiere in Westwood some 20+ years ago. Unless he grew few inches since then, there's no way he's 5''7"; Nicole was a head taller.
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