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anyone running a sub with a BP 8060 ST?

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Im considering purchasing a def tech bp 8060 ST pair. can someone recommend a decent sub to go with the towers. Dimensions of the room is relatively small 18 x 13 x 9ft ceiling. regular shaped room, not vaulted and carpeted floors.

Any input about Polk PSW series, Cerwin Vega CMX series, Kef Q400, and Supercube 2000 would be greatly appreciated.

They would probably be hooked up to an Onkyo Nr809 7.2 with 135wpc.

Budget will be around $500-600. It'll mostly be used for music, probably 70:30 ratio.

Looks and finish: preferably black/high gloss black. (size not an issue)

Thanks in advance.
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Is a sub needed witch these towers? I just ordered them and can't wait to set them up.
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It really all comes down to your preference there have been some that don't think they need one while others can't imagine life without it. I myself just returned the 8040s and waiting on the 8060s to arrive and have already decided to get a psa xv15.
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I just added a PSA XS30 and I can't believe how much better music and movies sound. I've never had a sub this nice and wow dose it make a big difference. I love my bp 8060st's but a nice sub adds a whole new demention to the sound. smile.gif
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The towers roll off steeply at 35hz. Without a sub to play lower you will miss a lot in movies. Music would be fine. I have 8060's which I am selling. They are great speakers and I would really like to keep mine for a bedroom or my non "serious HT" setup. But I need to sell to finance new gear. I had mine crossed at 80hz to an HSU VTF 15H. It was a nice setup. I have also tested the towers just by themselves for music and movies. Music is great. Movies there was a definitive couple notches less impact and obvious loss of content below the roll off of the towers. Again I like these speakers for an average person who doesn't care about ULF or just music. But DT claims lower specs but its just not true. If you feel you want that lower content then money better spent on different speakers and dedicated subs
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