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Originally Posted by insthink View Post

I bought on ebay one of those gizmos to convert HDMI to component video + stereo audio for about 50$ including shipping.

Just put in your search: (component,YPbPr,rgb) (hdmi to,dvi to) -(to hdmi,to vga)

It's great! It works perfectly, sends audio through as well if you only use stereo.

Only problem is if you want to use it on non-HD TV that was component. You'd have to configure the video source to FORCE NTSC on the component adapter. (My computer does not detect the proper NTSC resolution/timing, so I had to do a custom config myself).

I have a similar setup.
Can you please explain how to force NTSC?
My video is scrambled in windows 7 but once I load XBMC it get a solid picture.
Evidently XBMC is forcing NTSC.
How can I force NTSC in windows?
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Does anyone know what insthink was talking about?
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Originally Posted by rawalker View Post

I bought a VHD-H2YVs today to try and accomplish something a little different.
I have a home theater PC setup using Windows 7 Media Center and a few weeks ago switched from using a pair of cableboxes and Hauppauge HD PVR to a Ceton InfiniTV Cablecard adapter to record premium content in HD. Unfortunately the downside of using te cablecard as opposed to the original configuration is that because of DRM (Digital Rights Management) I can no longer tranfer the recordings to DVD or Blu Ray.

That is where the VHD-H2YVs comes it by using the cloned HDMI output of my computer's videocard fed into the VHD-H2YVs and its component output connected to a HD PVR I should be able to re-encode sans the copy protection in real time. Once this is done I can edit out commercials, create chapters and copy to DVD or Blu Ray.

rawalker (or others),

Was this approach (the part I've bolded above) successful?

I too have a Ceton InfiniTV operating on Windows 7, and would like to "edit out commercials, create chapters, and copy to Blu Ray", as you discussed above. Any thoughts/opinions from anyone out there on ViewHD VHD-H2YVs vs. HDFury? How about Hauppauge 1212 HDPVR vs. Hauppauge Colossus?

Anyone with any experience doing anything like this, the help would be greatly appreciated.
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Oooooh... thread resurrection, thread hijack/off-topic post, and requesting information on how to work around DRM!

Three strikes? I won't tell the mods, but I'll just close with this:

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They are not identical.

The lower one is a max 1080i cheap copy without 5.1CH audio capability.
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Get a new TV.
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not to revive an old thread, are you sure its DVI-D and Not DVI-I (Dual Link, Analog and Digital?). If its Analog and Digital, you can get a DVI->Component Cable Online, if its DVI-D it wont have the 4 extra pins/holes on the left side of the port with the flat connection.

If the DVI is All Digital, then you cant convert it to Analog.

HDMI and DVI-D are the same thing essentially, so HDCP would be a Problem on the 1st gen HDTVs (like mine, Sony 30 Inch 16:9, 1080i), it doesn't like HDCP at All.)

But you can take a VGA PIN OUT and plug the individual Color Cables of the YPrPB Cables into certain pins and output that way.

Set device to output 1280x720p @ 60 Hertz.

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