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Pioneer VSX-921 - No HDMI standby pass-through???

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in theory this AVR does have this feature, right?
According to the user manual and several websites, it should have it... At least, as I understand...

But I'm unable to make it work. At least is not working with my Panasonic P50G30. I tried with another HDMI cable and different sources: PS3, satellite receiver, multimedia player, etc...

I can only get the image on screen if I turn the AVR on...

And then, searching for solutions on the web, I find this on a website: "Note: This is different from a "HDMI Standby Pass-through" function. This receiver does not offer HDMI Standby Pass-Through."

So I'm wondering if actually it does NOT have HDMI standby pass-through.
I think it would be just ridiculous that a 2011 and mid-range model doesn't have this feature...

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I recently purchased this amp and found the pass through did not work.

I was using some very cheap HDMI cables. I then upgraded all the cables to 1.4 spec (Neet White BTW) and it now does seem to support Standby Pass-through.

Hope that helps!
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You must have the "Control" setting under HDMI Setup (p. 42) set to ON as well as use "High Speed" HDMI cables.
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With HDMI Control ON, it works. But only with HDMI-CEC devices.
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Whether a device has HDMI-CEC shouldn't matter for the pass through, rather only for the turning ON/OFF feature of all HDMI-CEC devices, although most devices mfr'd in the past 3 years do have HDMI-CEC. Make sure you try every HDMI input on the AVR as well.
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That's the reason Pioneer gave me on why HDMI standby pass-through isn't working with some of my devices tho I'm using high speed HDMI cables with all of them.
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Must be unique to Pioneer then although that is also what is says in the Owner's manual as well. Most folks want to only pass the cable/sat box through so an easy work around is to just connect it directly to the TV via HDMI and use an optical from the box to the AVR for surround audio.
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How do I activate the HDMI standby pass through for Pioneer vsx 921?
Will HDMI 1.3b and 1.4 cable make any difference?
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Cables should have never been labeled HDMI 1.3 or HDMI 1.4 as the spec doesn't apply to the cable, rather it applies to the device (eg. AVR, TV, BDP). HDMI cables are either High speed (1080p) or Standard speed (1080i/720p).
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Problems with HDMI pass through seem to be prevalent with Pioneers. The 1021 and 1121 threads are filled with posts like these. There definitely appear to be issues when source devices such as cable boxes don't support CEC.

And, no, the cables are not to blame.
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BIslander, thanks for the info.

I have a cable box Cisco Explorer 8642 HD DVR connected to the Pioneer VSX-921 receiver and HDMI out to a new Sony LED TV.

The TV will display no input signal when I turn off the receiver. Does it mean the receiver doesn't have the Standby pass-thru feature or the cable box is not compatible?
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I have looked through the options for this and found nothing for it. I do however have a question for everyone. I am new to the world of custom home theaters. My current set up is as follow:

LG 55" 3D LED Tv
Pioneer VSX-921
2 Bose 201 Bookshelf Speakers (Front)

I am looking for a center channel first and then sub woofer, sides, and rear speaker. Can anyone give me some suggestions for the the center channel? I have a budget of about 200 dollars to spend on the center channel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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