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Hello from Munich,

what kind of Computer resolutions and refresh rates beside 60hz does the actual Laumagens and the older HDP/HDQs accept and process? Are there differences between analog and digital inputs?
I have a VP50 that can process only VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA @60hz +720p and 576p @50/60hz on it´s analog inputs (RGbHV/Component). 1080i should work too, but did not yet. On the HDMIs it also takes 1080i/1080p 50/60HZ.

So what about 1360x768, 848x480, 1066x600....?
I am also looking for something that takes higher refresh rates like 70/72/75/85/90/100/105/110/120/140HZ. I guess the Radiance models will take at least the 100/120hz (or others?) because of their 3d capabilities but at what resolutions? How do the HDPs/HDQ behave? Other processors?

Best regards