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Speaker Advice

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an audiophile, but I'd love to get some advice from folks with more experience with audio equipment. I've done some minor research on 4 different options that are currently on sale and it seems that the consumer reviews on all are pretty favorable. Based on the ability to get pretty good speakers at this price point, I'd probably say that my budget is the higher end ($750 for a pair).

Klipsch WF-35 - $379 / each
Klipsch RF-52 II - $229 / each
Polk Audio Monitor 70 II - $179 / each
Klipsch VF-36 - $199 / each

My room is going to be somewhat limiting. Without going into detail, I will not be able to use surround sound speakers, so I will be limited to a 3.1 setup. I've got what I think is a solid subwoofer (Klipsch 200W 10") and a placeholder for a center channel (from the Klipsch quintet line), which will need to be replaced in the near future. I've got a Yamaha HTR-5990 receiver and a 55" Panasonic Plasma (1080P).

I would really appreciate any advice you can offer me. I wish I had the ability to go and listen to all four options, but I may have to do this sight unseen (unheard). I just did an interstate move and had a baby in the past 30 days, so I just don't have the ability to run around and listen to the speakers right now. Thanks again.
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Without question...

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Why no surrounds? Mine are mounted on the ceiling.
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First of all, congratulations on the little kiddo! Second of all, this is my suggestion, demo any gear you ever think about purchasing. I can't tell you how many times people have purchased speakers based off suggestions, then down the road they get to demo a different set and then find out they like said speakers much more. In my opinion speakers are like girlfriends, it's all about preference. This is just my suggestion, I understand that sometimes, especially since you just had a kid, it's really hard to demo speakers. Which leads me to my next piece of worthless advice, when you buy speakers DON'T DEMO any other speakers for awhile. Good luck and congrats!
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Thank you all for the advice.
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