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its very addictive! playing movies outside takes movie watching to a new level. sure anyone can watch them inside in relative comfort but once you go 200"+, indoor tv watching just seems inadequate! tongue.gif

this past friday night, MTT (mega tronn theater) was unusually dark! :O! it was more like i just walked around costco 3 times cause the wife didnt know what to buy so i got home at 8 and was too tired to setup the speakers and equipment! lol

saturday though the wife agreed to "borrow" our backyard to a neice for her daughters baby shower. in a rare instance, i didnt have to cook! smile.gif

anyways movies were optional. here was me setting up the playlist on the WDTV in the rear house (aka future dedicated home theater)


some tom and jerry credit role! WOOOOOOH!

8:10pm pre-roll. started with Baseball Bugs:

followed by some Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century!

then a Speedy Gonzales short:
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at this point most people left. the few remaining (about 10) enjoyed the following:

the main movie; 21 Jump Street; i was reluctant to go to the movies for this but it was very funny



after this, most people left again. attendance dropped to 3. me the wife and dog. played Rocky


sunday day went to parents house for a fathers day bbq. we played movies but inside on a regular tv. this bbq basket doubled for bbq veggies and bringing all my required equipment for the show!

the WDTV live unit, its power supply, its remote, an hdmi cable, a mini-usb cable, and my external hdd.

o yeah, no pics from sunday. i was mostly bbqing it up! turns out this was my dads first charcoal bbq! had to school him up a bit. i know the kids played a bunch of cartoons from the warner brothers dvd collections i have, and they watched Act of Valor, The Grey, Starship Troopers (one of their favorites), and Rio (nephews favorite)
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friday night was the only outdoor movie night. wife worked sat morning and so was not in the mood for an outdoor screening. although we did watch more movies inside as well as on sunday. pretty much a lazy weekend. feel so relaxed!

started friday night with close to 7 cartoons. just making sure most of my WB collection transferred over correctly to my portable hdd and played smoothly through the WDTV Live. am thinking now of getting a 1 1/2 tera-byte (TB) hdd. my current 150GB is nice but if i can hold 10 times the amount of movies, cartoons, music, pictures.... then i want to mister! lol. this would enable me to keep all the cartoons, pics, and music i could think of and be able to create instant pre-rolls. the WDTV Live uses a "Queue" system, where-as one can make a "queue" and playback files in order or randomly.

friday nights main movies began with Wrath of the Titans: awesome movie for outdoor theater. action adventure, didnt really notice any bad language either! overall fun movie for kids through adults



second movie was All Dogs Go To Heaven: burt reynolds and dom deluise. 'nuff said. a whole lot of singing, 2 or 3 memorable songs, but the rest are pretty much meh. great movie for kids with a bitter ending. love the crocodile! kids through adult




third up (this was about midnight) was The Little Rascals. lots of adult-ish jokes that kids wont get. great memorable scenes that'll have the young ones repeating certain words over and over.... and over.... and over again. very good movie kids through adult.




last movie of the night (technically saturday morning as it was 1:30) Rio! yes Rio again! love that movie. also it is my nephews favorite and i must know it inside and out! :P visually it was great but i did have the sound very VERY low as i dont want to disturb the neighbors. i did catch about 3 neighbors peeking over the wall. this time it was the ones that have the pool!




Sing it Lionel! lol
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took friday off from work so i had an awesome thursday night showing:

started off with some duran duran, setting the mood :P

wanted to test Home on the Range. ended up watching all of it:


then watched Unstoppable. its really good!

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friday nights showcase started off with Star Wars Episode 5. my personal favorite



ended the night with test runs of a couple of movies. firstly was a Bob Marley concert "live at the rainbow".



then some ratatouie


then some cars

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tuesday night had a sorta pre-fouth showing. just neice, wife, and i.

started with Cars 2. i've heard about half the people that liked cars 1 liked 2. i liked it. the racing scenes alone were pretty good.




right about 10 started Treasure Planet. love the visuals on this one. highly recommend it for kids




last for the night was The Princess and The Frog. watched it once before and did not really like it. second time around, its growing on me.


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friday night 7/6/12 film fest. the niece, wife, and i. one could say it was mainly an animation fest.

pre-show tests included the byt logo "commercial" i had made awhile back:


a general alignment test:

and a convergence pattern:

then some "personality pickle" ad:

some music videos. this was snoop dogg and wiz kalifahs' "wild and free". of note: the background is a drive-in in Montclair, CA. The Mission Tiki Drive-In. www.missiontiki.com

as posted on the WWF thread, a shot of that puppy "attacking" a sand crab:

main movie of the night was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! awesome kids movie btw, i'll add this to my general rotation. one thing is that there are a lot of dark scenes. next time i will adjust the projector settings to get better video quality:

second movie of the night was Despicable Me. i've had it for awhile and it was still shrink wrapped! finally got around to playing it and definetly adding this to my regular rotation!

third movie and last movie was The Emperor's New Groove. finally a very high quality version!

david spade has always been one of my favorite comedic actors. this is a definte disney gem that desperatly needs the blu-ray treatment!
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new work hours got me all tired. friday night fell asleep a solid 8 hours.... at 3pm! barely remembered to feed the dog too! lol. so friday was an off night for BYT.

sat. had the niece over. so the wife and i played mostly kids movies a few cartoons. the cartoons were for me, btw, lol.

some bugs:


porky learns about the US:

gotta get some foghorn leghorn!

i really like The Emperors New Groove, but had just watched it last week. this was my face when the niece requested it:

and the face was the same when she requested Despicable Me (i had seen this last weekend too!).


1 am onwards it was my turn! lol. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

then an episode of futurama through netflix. wirelessly through the WDTV Live unit

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Awesome stuff man...how do you get such great pictures of your screen...mine always seem to come out grainy
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sat. bday party.

6 hours before party time:

first movie aladdin:


then jumanji:

at this point i realized it was an unintentional Robin Williams movie fest! lol

last of the night was starship troopers

party ended at 2 am. didnt wake up till 1 pm!
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Sat had a movie screening that seemed was too long from the last one!

We started watching Project X but you could tell way early that it was geared to today's YOLO youth. I think we wasted 20 minutes of precious screen time on it.

First real movie was Bruce Almighty:

Second movie was the ULTRA campy 1966 Batman movie:

Third movie was Toy Story. I needed to rewatch this as I plan on finally watching parts 2 and 3:

Fourth movie was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:
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wow its been almost 6 months since the last post! one small picture as an update. i still rock the Western Digital TV Live unit for playing everything outside.

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status update. finally sat down and configured my windows 7 htpc in the living room. finally figured out how to get all hard drives to be seen by the WDTV Live Plus unit. it was much more frustrating than it had to be no thanks to windows media player! mad.gif

so now i can bring up any movie in my digital library without the need to bring any movies on an external hard drive! cool.gif the one thing that chaps my hide though is i cant build a playlist using my network! eek.gif

other than that, i'm drawing up plans to move all the electronics from their current "Tech Rack" (a mobile wire shelf) to a safer, drier location. our rear house. it will involve lots of digging and laying of speaker wires, power lines, hdmi cables, component cables and the like. in the end im shooting for a backyard theater setup that has a minimum of wires laying on the grass for people to trip over. plus a location in the front underneath the screen that will have both power and hdmi inputs for a wii and an xbox running kinect. i want the systems up front so there is a minimum amount of lag time. while a couple of bundles of cables carry the video signal to the rear house with the components, then a single hdmi cable sends the video signal to the projector. i should start diggin soon as our grass still has not fully grown back yet.

in the meantime, im sharpening up my after effects skills. simple searches for after effect tutorials on youtube reveal a plethora of projects that can easily be completed. a few assume you have previous knowledge in using after effects though.

this is the latest 10 second intro i created with an idea to have a "neon sign" theater title card with the look of "Flo's V8 Cafe" from the movie Cars. its pretty sweet if i do say so myself. its also the current culmination of ideas passed between myself and the others that have joined us at the facebook group. we're an expanding collection of backyardtheater.com users and starting to pick up some steam from other friends of friends. join us y'all!
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wow. the linking of youtube videos really took a dump with the forum update. thanks people!

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i think i really hit it on the head with this one. watch in 1080!


all the video and animation was done in after effects. premiere is where i inserted the audio.

originally the video was 30 seconds long but i cut it down to sync up with the audio.
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pretty dope! Keep up the good work!
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