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DVI-I to composite ?

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Can someone here please help me with this.

I have a community message board running on our in house MATV system. I have a Lenovo box with a NVIDEA GeForce 9500 GT video card. It only has an svideo output and the aforementioned DVI-I outputs from the card. So presently, I,m not even using the card outputs but taking the VGA output into a scan converter and feeding it to my Leightronix switcher with composite video which outputs to a channel modulator for insertion onto our system.

My problem is that the messaging does not look that great with smearing and artifacts. Any ideas for a better way to do this. It has to be analog. The messaging and composing program is Scala and my Leightronix only has composite video inputs to accomodate the bank of DVD players etc.
My scan converter is a Kramer Electronix VP701SC.
Thanks for any help.
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You probably won't find anything that does a better job than your Kramer unit. Two notes though:

if you use the Kramer unit make sure to set the source the lowest possible resolution (640x480 if possible). 480p to 480i should look halfway decent while every scaling done by the Kramer unit makes text harder to read.

The S-Video output on your Geforce card can likely be used a composite output as well. You just need the proper adapter cable, activate the TV-out and set it to composite instead of s-video. I would be surprised if it didn't work. Check into it !
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Why not just use the S-video output on your graphics card, then use a S-video to composite video cable?
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