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Need receiver for JBL s312's (College)

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Hey Avs,

I just found a great pair of speakers for my apartment next year! I used my other thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1349279 in the speakers section and with all of the great help I landed a pretty good deal on Craigslist.

Now I need help finding a receiver.

This receiver needs to be able to amply power my JBL's. Now my roommates have cautioned me that we're living on the third floor or our unit so noise violations are a real possibility. So if i could find something that could power them well that would be awesome, but it is not 100% necessary considering that I am scared that they'll get too loud. Also if it had hdmi that would be awesome so that we could hook our xbox up through it, but its not completely necessary.

In the other thread someone recommended the HK3490. Although this would have sufficient power i'm worried that i can't expand this into a 5.1 set up some day and no HDMI Plus should I really be worried about noise violations or do you think i'll be o.k. just making sure people don't turn it up too much?

(Also I realize this is the wrong section, but do you think i'll need a sub with these speakers? And can any one link me to some good speaker wire?)

Thanks a ton AVS. you guys are the best.
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OK, here is the reality, you will have the capability to not only annoy the apartments on either side of yours, but above and below as well. Those speakers efficiency is 92 db at 1 meter away when driven with 1 watt of power. For each doubling of power add 3 db, so 2 watts is 95 db, 4 watts is 98 db, 8 watts is 101 db, 16 watts is 104 db, 32 watts is 107 db, 64 watts is 110 db, 128 watts is 113 db and 256 watts is 116 db. I think those speakers are rated at 250 watts, so a max of about 116 db at a distance of 1 meter. Now, you subtract 6 db for each doubling of distance. So maximums are 110 db at 2 meters, 104 db at 4 meters, etc. Oh, by the way, that's one speaker! Since you have two speakers, add 3 db, since it's just like doubling the wattage to one speaker. Clear? Reference level in a movie theater is 105 db, that's when all the cars are crashing and bullets are flying, relatively short time periods. An hour or so rocking out with friends and your ears may still be ringing the next day, but then again my guess is the police may knock on the door first! Have fun. :-)
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The S312 needs a solid 100WPC minimum to sound it's best, especially in the low end. They'll also want a fairly large room and careful placement.

They're fairly strong down to 40Hz, but if you want lower extension a sub will be a big help.
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Audioholics has a review of the HK integrated amp the OP referenced. If it's connectivity and features meet his needs, I think it is powerful enough, especially in an apartment setting.
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$259.99 on amazon and eligible for free shipping, 4 left
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Remember, the Harmon-Kardon (HK) are rated for "all channels driven". Other manufacturers units are not (so they can quote higher power outputs). The HK3490 should work fine for your purpose.
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You can annoy the hell out of your neighbors with an alarm clock radio, common sense goes a long way in not bringing the police to your door. If you can't handle that responsibility, don't hook the speakers up, period. Your original thread states a desire to have things "very loud" - asking how to accomplish this without bringing complaints is like asking how to rob a bank with the help of the police and not go to jail. This isn't rocket surgery.

The HK3490 will be perfectly suitable for this application, if you want multi-channel look at a multi-channel receiver, it will also be suitable. Look at HK's AVR1600/2600 parts, Yamaha's RX-V867/RX-A700 parts, or Sony's STR-DN1010/1020 parts. With the stereo receiver/speaker system the HDMI input means nothing - use your TV's HDMI inputs and digital output, since it'll force everything to stereo (which is what your stereo speaker system and receiver can handle) all will be well.

A subwoofer will surely increase the noise complaints, and is generally the straw that breaks the camel's back for people that have gotten evicted (there was a brilliant thread not too long ago about this), so I would pass. While you will lose some low end response, music is generally well enjoyed on a decent pair of speakers less the subwoofer. The subwoofer is more vital to theater/multimedia applications. It unfortunately also can have the tendency to rattle the floor, or in your case, the ceiling of the people in the unit below you, even at relatively low levels. So while you may just be playing videogames or watching television, the people beneath you may be experiencing Earthquake.

Good speaker wire? Get whatever Home Depot (or Lowe's) has on sale, at least 18 AWG, would prefer 12 AWG, two conductor, if you really want to splurge get some tape to indicate polarity. Deadly serious.
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thanks everyone for the replies. I'll look into those other receivers when I get some time after work on friday.
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