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No clicking or popping on mine in any of those circumstance.
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Not from here either. Using a Cisco 8642HDC with Brighthouse Cable and it's pretty seamless on my VSX-52.

PS. Finally bit the bullet and switched my HDMI routing back to HDMI 1 (from TV/SAT) and turned on the HDMI Control.
Sound now from NetFlix and Internet TV using the audio return channel. Guess I'll just have to get used to having the Cable Box on HDMI 1.

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I noticed a clicking sound whenever I changed surround modes.
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Hi all,
Yea, I am getting a Major Pop in my speakers (Loud enough that I worry about Speaker Damage) when scrolling through my Surrounds.
It is worse the louder that I am in Volume, so the popping changes in volume with the volume.
Almost rather than a smooth transition from Surround to Surround setting, it is popping IN hard rather than making a smooth transition between them.

I am tempted to redo the MCACC or just reset all to Factory and start over!
I have never had this with my VSX 1020.
Before I do anything though I will just call Pioneer tomorrow and see if they say I should just take it back.
I noticed a loud Pop the first day I did MCACC but shrugged it off but now it is all the time.
I did not have this at anytime with my E52 just this E53.

I'll let ya know what Pioneer says.

Bud B
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Hi all. I have a problem with my VSX-53. I am running it with a Mitsubishi projector via HDMI and after the first 7 flawless days, day 8 caused the receiver to act funny and shut itself down, then repeatedly turn itself off. I unplugged it for 2 days and got it back to normal, and it was fine until I connected the HDMI cable to the projector, turned the projector on, and the receiver went nuts again. I proved out the cable and projector with a direct cable box connection, so I think the problem is in the way the receiver is communicating with the projector. Any thoughts on why this might have happened?
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Just a question, which HDMI Input are you using for the projector?
Also, are you also using one of the 12volt Trigger's for your projector?

Other than that it sounds like a call is needed to Pioneer.

Good Luck,

Bud B
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Hi all,
My E53 update...

It is two days and I have not received a response to my email to Pioneer Support about my E53.

So, I called Pioneer yesterday morning and let the Support Rep hear the Popping in my Speakers..he advised me to return it.
I took it back to BB yesterday and the Geek Guy hooked it up and did not hear the Popping, I told him that I had reset the E53 back to Factory and it was worse after performing the MCACC.
He said that I could still return it if I wanted too and I told him that I did.
So they swapped out my E53 with a new one.

I also picked up some new speakers from BB to go with my E53...
I purchased the Bowers & Wilkins 685B
I had been checking out speakers and these for awhile at the local BB Magnolia Home Theater location.
I have also checked out the rave reviews that these speakers have gotten when you google them.
I really like them and I could have spent much less and much more LOL! but for my Apartment these should really do great!
They sounded really nice last nite and I had not even ran the MCACC yet!
They just look so small sitting on the top of my Dual 12" band Cab or this weekend sitting on top of one of my Dual 15" Subs. LOL!
Crazy the Audio that they can get out of these little speakers.
But I digress....

I got everything home and set it up pretty quick...I still need to run the Full MCACC and I will do that when I get home from work today.

So, New E53 and New Speakers!

In defense to my older E53 (I am in a Band) I was using a pair of Stage Monitors for my front Left and Right speakers, that are about 4ohms each.
I had set the E53 to it's 6ohm setting but this still may have freaked out the E53 BUT the E52 ran with my Monitors for over 2 weeks without a hiccup.
This was also why I decided to put my Stage Monitors back in the garage and purchase some actual "Home Theater" Speakers.

I do plan on using the "Sub Out" on the E53 to my Crown Power Amp and one of my Band's Subs to see how that sounds.
Each Sub is rated at 3,200 watts so my Crown Power amp will probably be on # 1. LOL!
Even at that, it may be way too much for my apartment, but I just gotta check it out!
So, I'll roll out a Sub from the Garage and try that this weekend!

Hey, you all have a Great Day and Rest of the Week!

Bud B
PS. Mixing Home Audio Gear with Pro Audio Gear can be challenging, I know this. They are each to their own and the individual result that they were meant to provide.
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Hello everyone,

I have a vsx-52. It was working fine for a week until today. Now I am getting no video or audio at all from the system. I checked all the wires by connecting each component to the tv.... they all worked fine. the only thing that seems to work is my ipod. and even then I only get audio. Before I turned it on today i was fumbling with the remote. Could I have accidentally activated something that is preventing me from getting audio/video? Help! I really like this reciever! :^/
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Hi cimarron76,

Before I turned it on today i was fumbling with the remote. Could I have accidentally activated something that is preventing me from getting audio/video?
Your best bet is to go through all of the settings to see if you did anything.
If you went into Video Parameters with the remote you could have changed something.
Go through the Video Parameters and check Resolution.
If you look in the OP Manual you can go down the list for Audio and Video parameters starting on page 50 "Setting the Audio Options" and Page 52 for "Setting the Video Options."
You can go through these and set them back to their Defaults shown in Bold.

The other option is to reset the receiver to Factory Specs and see if everything returns as when you first turned it on.
To reset the receiver to Factory Specs drop down the front flap and press "Enter" while turning it on with the Standby button, the "Reset" option is the first to come up.
If it does not do the trick, it at least resets the receiver to Factory for return to your place of purchase.

Good Luck,

Bud B
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Do any of the Elite's have HD radio or an add-on for HD Radio? That is one feature I really want, looked and don't see it listed but just wanted to make sure.
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Hi CGIM5804,


Do any of the Elite's have HD radio or an add-on for HD Radio?

If HD Radio is what you need, then Pioneer is not for you!

Pioneer has HD Radio in Mobile car units but not in Home AV Equipment.

A google search should help you out...

Good Luck,

Bud B
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Originally Posted by Bud B View Post

Hi CGIM5804,

If HD Radio is what you need, then Pioneer is not for you!

Pioneer has HD Radio in Mobile car units but not in Home AV Equipment.

A google search should help you out...

Good Luck,

Bud B


Do you know any reasons why they don't have HD radio? Local radio stations are advertising that they are broadcasting in HD, so what's the take on HD radio, are the receiver market going towards internet radio, pandora, and so on? It's funny to hear radio stations saying that we can get their stations in crystal clear HD sound, but other than having to buy an add-on piece of equipment in order to have it.... Thx.
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Hi TheaterChad,


Do you know any reasons why they don't have HD radio?

Ya know I do not know why.
It is also not like Pioneer is the only manufacturer that does not have HD Radio.

Maybe it is because of Home Media Gallery and Pandora, Rhapsody, etc..
Or that HD Radio is Great in the Car, (which they do have HD Radio in their Car Units) but at home there is just so many more listening options.
Myself I have Sirius, so I listen to that and I cannot remember the last time that I actually listened to AM or FM Radio.

Whatever the reason, Pioneer does not look at it to be a "Deal Breaker" for most people.
Myself and Because it IS in their Mobile units, unless it was a lot of $$ to add it in, I would have added it.

Probably something as simple as $$$...They might have to pay a Licensing fee to HD Radio for every unit they produce and they just could not rationalize the cost for a home unit.


Bud B
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Hey Everyone,
Just upgraded from the VSX-32 to the VSX-52. Waiting for my new TV to get here today so I can hook up the 52 to the TV. I was playing around with the settings last night and had a quick question. Here is my video input setup, connected via hdmi, to the VSX-52.

Apple TV --> HDMI 1
Xbox --> HDMI 2
Bluray --> BD IN
Directv --> HDMI 6

I was able to program the hdmi input for the input labeled "BD". How do I program the other hdmi inputs for the other sources? Is there a way to tell the receiver that my source labeled "TV/SAT" should be assigned to HDMI 6 (aka DVR/VDP)? I couldnt seem to find that in the instruction manual. Also I turned off "hdmi control".

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I'm loving my new VSX-52 - great sound, great feature set.

One problem I'm having is with Rhapsody. I know the network connection is working because Pandora and Internet Radio are working. I also know it's connecting to Rhapsody because I can browse the "What's New" folder etc. Problem is that I cannot log in.

I have a paid Rhapsody account, works great in the browser, and on my iPhone/iPad with no issues. I've double/triple checked my username and password. But no matter what I do, on the Account Setup screen on the VSX-52, I always get "invalid username or password".

I'm running the latest firmware on the receiver.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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Just Picked up a 52 from BB. Got it home and hooked it up, could not get Pass Through to work at all?? went to manual and talked about setting it on pg 41,i think, checked and sure enough it was set probably but as soon as the receiver shuts down no pic ?? what else do i need to do? check?

I have the Sat and PS3 hooked via HDMI and thats it...

What is the best way to play FLAC files? Stream them from the server? I have a NAS WD drive where they are stored.
It sounds a little "bright" to me... I ran the mic setup per the manual.
I am using Kliptsch KG 3.2s which i have had for awhile.. I loved the CM5 I heard the receiver on at BB but too much at this time

thanks for everyones help....
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I've been trying for two days to get standby hdmi pass through to work, but to no avail.

I think I read somewhere (have no idea of it's true or not) that standby will only work if you have devices that support HDMI control. I have nothing to test this with as I think my older PS and my DirecTV HR2X do not appear to support HDMI control.

Again, from more reading, my understanding is that with most vendors, HDMI control should not be required for HDMI standby. I'm speculating that Pioneer's functionality does require HDMI control.

I've gotten the TV to stay on for about a second after the Pioneer goes into standby by changing one of the HDMI control configurations in the 52 from PQLS to ALL.

If you have a newer PS3, try turning HDMI control on (as well as on the TV if it has that option). Also change the HDMI control settings on the 52 and see if you have any luck.

Again, I'm just speculating on what the problem is based on what I've tried and read. Hopefully someone has gotten this to work and can give some advice.
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I will look into that thanks
Its funny cause the Marantz and the Denon both worked fine for pass through and Streaming FLAC files...

Got home today fired up the HMG played FLAC no prob...
Now I try to do it... just hangs and I have to shut it down and start over.... sometimes several times before it works....

It really sucks cause thats what I use it for most of the time...
It sees the WD NAS drive and I can go to the music folder just fine, but when I click on it, Hang city....
It also seems WMP and the PS3 Media Server as well, PS3 MS seems to work a bit better. I may switch the two routers, one for the main PC upstairs and the other for the NAS/Pio downstairs... they are both Gigabit routers... but dont know what else to try...

so damn frustrating...

am I asking too much??
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Hi SW51,

Is there a way to tell the receiver that my source labeled "TV/SAT" should be assigned to HDMI 6 (aka DVR/VDP)?

Yes there is, go to page 28 in the OP Manual, it deals with the Input Setup.
Go to Input Setup and scroll across until you come to TV/Sat.
In this category you should see Input Name, Input Skip, Digital In (This is Optic) and you will see HDMI Input!
With the remote wheel go down to HDMI Input and select the HDMI Input that you want associated with TV/SAT.

Good Luck,

Bud B
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Does anyone know if you can stream Sirius via the internet on the VSX52? I already have a sirius account and pay for the streaming service. I just have not been able to confirm whether I need a Sirius tuner connected to the VSX52 or if I can stream it through the receiver without one.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi jmf67,


I just have not been able to confirm whether I need a Sirius tuner connected to the VSX52 or if I can stream it through the receiver without one.

I too have Sirius Radio but my understanding is that if you want to have the receiver itself provide the Sirius feed and in essence the tuning of Sirius channels,
See the information for each channel on your Pioneer's display then you will need an actual Sirius SCH1 tuner for the Pioneer.

The way that I get my Sirius at home are via two ways...

1) I have the Sirius Stiletto 2 that has WIFI, so in conjunction with my router, I then plug the audio out from the Stiletto 2 into my Pioneer and use my receiver for the audio feed.

2) My Computer (HTPC) is connected to my Pioneer Elite VSX 53 via HDMI, I then use my Computer to stream Sirius, thus using my Pioneer for the Audio feed.

If you have an in-dash Radio in your car and streaming on your computer at home, then your only current option (without an extra purchase) is to use your computer and feed audio to your Pioneer.
Some computers even have a Digital Optic Out and with a Toslink cable, you are good to go.

For an extra Equipment purchase and in one case extra Sirius charge each month you can get Sirius in your home.

1) You could purchase a SCH1 Home Tuner that DOES connect to the SiriusConnect 8-pin DIN connection on the Pioneer.
Link here: http://www.amazon.com/Sirius-connect.../ref=pd_cp_e_2
This option will cost you per month for the extra tuner but you should check with Sirius as to how much.

2) If you have a Sirius External Plug n Play receiver in your car, that can be brought inside, then you could purchase the "Home Kit" (about $50.00)
which comes with a Docking station, Power adapter and an Antenna.
Then you can listen in your Car and also at Home.

3) Get a good deal on a Stiletto2 Radio because better than an antenna is WIFI, it also comes with a remote control.

4) Sirius Radio is now on "Smart Phones" so that may be an option for you as well. Probably looks great on an iPad.
Link here: http://shop.sirius.com/edealinv/serv...our_Smartphone

However, to actually SEE the Sirius radio channel info on your Pioneer is with the actual Pioneer / Sirius Tuner.

Good Luck,

Bud B
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Hey Bud,

Thanks for your response. I do have sirius hooked up in my apartment already. However I was hoping that the elite vsx52 would stream it, too.

This is what pioneer has posted on their website...

"Online Music Services & More
You can also easily access popular internet-based music services like Pandora, Rhapsody® and SiriusXM Radio, as well as the thousands of high quality internet radio stations available through vTuner."

So I was unclear whether I could just put my login and password (for sirius) into the receiver and I'd be good to go. I guess not. Too bad.

Thanks for taking your time to reply.
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Hi jmf67,
If you look in the OP Manual on page 33 "Listening to Satellite Radio" it states:


To Listen to Satellite Radio you will need to connect a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner (sold separately) to your Sirius-Ready receiver.

I guess for Pioneer the,

You can also easily access

statement for them is relatively true, you just need to get a Tuner to do so.
Nothing $53.99 and a trip to Amazon won't cure! LOL!

Bud B
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I'm far from an expert at this stuff so any help would be great...just bought the VSX-52 along with some speakers and a sub. I'm trying to watch the music videos on my TV that I have downloaded on my iTunes but I'm not sure how to do it. If I could do it with AirPlay as well, that would be awesome! Thanks!
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I recently got my vsx-52 and have enjoyed it but have had a problem. I attatched a rega rp1 turntable thu a TT preamp to it. I played great. I chose pure direct for sound. Problem was that when I went back to HDMI 1 to watch TV or BD to watch a blu ray it wouldn't go back to 5.1 channel audio. I tried everything and adjusted every thing I could think of and it wouldn't change from stereo. Then I switched back to watching tv and it on its own went back to 5.1 sound. Does anyone know how I might keep this from happening in the future or suggest how I can fix if it happens again?
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Hi imnewtovinyl,

Just a crazy question here but the content that you were playing and listening to was 5.1 right.
Not ALL TV Channels are broadcasting in 5.1
I have HBO and Encore and not all of those channels are in 5.1
Not even ALL Blu-Ray from your BD Player is in 5.1, especially if you put in a DVD that is not 5.1

Just checking....

Bud B
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Hi all,

I have a question in regard to HDTV Viewing thru the Pioneer receivers.
I have a Time Warner Cable DVR Box, HDMI out to Pio and To my Pio Kuro Plasma,
but I will probably be connecting my Pioneers to Comcast Cable in the near future.
I received an advertisement from AT&T for their Uverse System because my DSL service is with them.

Does anyone have their Pioneers connected to an AT&T Uverse DVR / HD Boxes or Comcast Cable DVR / HD Boxes?
If so, what do you think?

Bud B
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Hi guys,
I was really hoping for a lot with the VSX-53, but either through my ignorance or just otherwise I've had a few problems with the VSX-53 I bought.

1. The wireless LAN adapter NEVER worked after calling their tech support numerous times. I have a simple Apple Time Capsule network and so I entered all the info manually but it never got recognized by the iControl AV app.

2. The iControl 2 app works occasionally now I have hardwired my receiver to the network. YMMV.

3. The fact I have to keep clicking the "receiver" button every time I want to use the remote to control the receiver is plain irritating.

4. I thought AirPlay was also exactly like Apple shows allowing BOTH audio AND video to be streamed. My mistake.

Finally, I have a question: I really wanted to be able to do audio in two other rooms using the multi-zone features. I assumed since this receiver can do 7.2 that zone 2 would be able to be taken from the speaker bindings from the high surrounds. NOT SO! Zone 2 has to be set-up using the surrounds!!! That makes the audio in my main zone 3.1!!! Am I missing something??? Does anyone know how to add additional Zones without another amp? Somebody please tell me I don't need another amp just to play to 2 lousy speakers in another room?

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I'm about to get the VSX 52. The Magnolia guy was pushing the Control 4 remote system. But with this receiver, can't I just use the iPhone and/or iPad app? I know the included remote is supposed to be too unwieldy with the small buttons, but do I really need an expensive remote system if I have an iPhone? What are all of you using? Is it easy and convenient to use the iPhone app (i.e. wife-ready?)
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there's a LOT of room between the oem remote and a c4 setup... he's pushing the c4 because they are going to make money on selling it to you AND programming it for you...

any decent universal remote should do just fine if you don't like the oem remote... frankly, i consider a universal remote a required piece of hardware... i haven't used an oem remote in a long time...
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