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Control PS3 with onkyo remote (free solution)

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Hey folks,

I searched ALOT online and it seems not many know you can control a PS3 with your Onkyo remote!

Here's how:
1. Ensure in your HDMI SETUP that RIHD over HDMI is ENABLED.
2. Ensure that within the Playstations settings under SYSTEM SETTINGS --> CONTROL OVER HDMI is set to ON.
3. Now on your Onkyo remote (I'm using a 509 amp) press and hold display and whatever your ps3 input is e.g mines on top left button BD/DVD. so I press and hold DISPLAY and BD/DVD buttons for about 3 seconds red led will come on on remote now simply key in the Remote code 32910 this is one of the (ONKYO DVD REMOTE CODES)

MOst basic functions for the bluray/DVD control work
Up, down, left, right, select, play, stop, pause, FF, RR, menu, quite playback, and most importantly.....
YOU CAN POWER ON and OFF the ps3 from your onkyo remote too!!!

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This would only work on a PS3 Slim. The Fat original version doesn't have HDMI control "Bravia Sync".
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It worked like a charm as mentioned. Wanted to confirm for others (as I didn't find this information anywhere else).

I have the following setup:

1. ps3 slim 120 GB (CECH-2001A)
2. Onkyo HT-S3400

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Nearly any device with HDMI CEC will work a PS3 Slim just fine.
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Little trick to drive a ps3 from a onkyo amp hc.

1) turn on the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) on the amp and ps3, onkyo in ca named RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI)

2) enter the code 31612 (sony bluray drive) on the remote control and associated with the entry or the ps3 is connected

And here you can control the ps from the remote is very convenient for cinema sessions smile.gif

Petite astuce pour piloter une ps3 depuis un ampli hc onkyo.

1) activer le hdmi CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) sur l'ampli et la ps3; chez onkyo ca porte le nom RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI)

2) saisir le code 31612 (lecteur blue ray sony) sur la télécommande et l'associé avec l'entrée ou est connecté la ps3

Et voila vous pouvez piloter la ps depuis la télécommande, c'est très pratique pour les séances cinéma smile.gif
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Trying using both codes mentioned here and no luck on my Onkyo 609 and PS3 slim? Have set TV, Onkyo and PS3 to control over HDMI settings.

Should the PS3 come on when you select the hdmi port (GAME for me) on the onkyo receiver after code has been inputted into the onkyo remote?

Can't get anything to work? Any help appreciated?

Could it be I need to do firmware upgrades ?

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Seems like the AV receiver can't control the PS3?

TV menu (tools) can see under HDMI control that PS3 is available but only has options like menu and info?

With a BD playing I can use TV remote (device on harmony) to fast forward or rewind but no other commands.

Don't know but think the AV receiver is being overridden by the TV for control over HDMI? Unless the codes entered into Onkyo remote just don't work (tried 4 different ones).

Something is happening as when I switch off PS3 (using PS3 controller) AV receiver changes to TV/CD and TV changes?

Very confusing.
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Can see Anynet+ for PS3 when I press source on the TV remote. When selected however TV remote does not seem to have any available functions besides rewind and fastfoward. Can't even scroll up and down in PS3 menus.
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