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Variable viewing distance???  

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I'm about to take delivery on a Sampo 34whd5 from Ubid. I figure, if I put it on a heavy duty cart with bigger than average wheels, I can move it back against the wall when listening to music, roll it closer for casual viewing from mid- resolution sources and right up in my face for the big screen effect on HDTV ( from my DTC-100) and DVDs. Maybe the cart would be tall enough to accomodate my very tall Alon C-2 center channel speaker as well so that the dialogue will stay with the screen. Granted the "in my face" position will partially block direct sound from the front L+R speakers,but, I may be able to live with some sound compromise in favor of a bigger subjective picture.

Who has some kind of variable viewing distance that they change regularly and how do you do it?

Mark H
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Seems easier to me to move my chair back and forth.
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Good point. If I get rid of the couch...

Anyone else???

Mark H
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Sometimes i move my setup around but am usually about 10 feet from my 27" Wega.

You may want to check out www.anthro.com.

Anthro makes computer carts and I use their printer cart, which is 36" wide, 35" tall (so I can get the display closer to eye level). It is guaranteed to handle 150# printers and the Anthro catalog has a picture of 3 big guys standing on it so I think it will hold a lot more. It has large casters and is very mobile - even on carpet. You can put several shelves on it to hold the DVD player, VHS Player, cable box, Replay TV, etc. I even have powered AR speakers on my anthro printer cart.

The printer cart has 4 vertical steel bars and the computer cart has only 3 so my preference for a TV is the printer cart and 36" wide will hold most displays. I love the computer cart for my computer.

Both get an A+ for functionality but they look like computer or printer carts and not an antique piece of art. IMHO, it is infinitely better than something that you might find at a furniture store because I have made that mistake already.

Good luck.

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Do you really think you'll move it though? I know if I had something like that setup I'd end up just leaving it in the back position because it would be a PIA to move around everytime I wanted to change sources. If I want to be closer I usually just lie on the floor on a bean bag or something.

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