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Griffin Beacon troubles

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Has anyone here had success with Griffin's Beacon & dijit app? I recently got one, and while I am able to configure it to get the basic controls using the built in database, I have been unsuccessful getting it to learn additional functions from the device remotes, specifically I'm having trouble learning controls for my :
Pioneer KRP-500M Plasma Monitor
Denon ARV-3808Ci Receiver
Sony DVP-CX985 DVD Changer

but I have been able to get it to learn buttons from my:
Toshiba HD-DVD
PS3 (Nyko IR remote/USB stick)

None of the remotes I'm having trouble with are RF, and I can confirm that they work not only by their controlling the devices but also by looking at the IR transmitters with a digital camera.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Durandal

I also have the Beacon and haven't had any troubles at all with "learning" button functions for my devises. I never tried the preset codes, I did the whole setup by learning all controls and customizing button layout onto my iDevice for each of my existing remotes. Although this method takes more time and is a bit tedious, I think it gives me the the best way to customize and set everything to my liking.
I don't have a samsung plasma or your brand of bluray player, but I do have a Denon 4311 and a 3311, as well as an LG plasma, Oppo bdp 93 & 83, a Scientific Atlanta HD8300 cable box and a ps3. I had no problems learning the functions for all devices and was especially pleased to learn that the beacon works with the ps3 (w/ a Logitech ir to bluetooth blaster).
One thing you may want to try though, is to make sure when doing the learning sequence, that you try different angles when putting in your existing remote to the back of the Beacon. Sometimes if I was too close or too far from the beacon, the signal didn't always take the first time, so be patient and try different angles.

Hope that helps.
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I'm not having problems getting the Beacon to learn commands, but only about half of them actually work after it learns them. Specifically, on a Sony STR-DA5400ES I'm unable to get HDMI 1-6 to work which are the most important buttons.
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Hi Cwglideman, I also have dijit and Logitech's PS3 IR to bluetooth blaster. I'm teaching PS3 commands to the Beacon with my Logitech Harmony One remote but I'm not successful on teaching the turn OFF command, apparently it will only record a part of the IR stream as when I push the off button once trained in dijit it will only pop up the controller battery status on the TV screen. Please can you tell me what was your experience with this?
Thank you,
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Hi gb

sorry it took so long to reply..just saw your message today

My experience with learning the ps3 off command from my harmony 1 is that, it took the command into the beacon just fine, but the on/off (power) function only works to turn ON the ps3, I have to go thru the menu on the ps3 ui to actually turn my console off. The power button on my beacon/dijit will NOT turn off the ps3 by just hitting the on/off (power) button

I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's the best I could do with it.
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I am also having problems having the beacon learn how to turn on and dim a Lutron Maestro IR dimmer. I can turn it off but not on or dim.

I programmed my Harmony 880 remote for the Lutron dimmer in like 2 minutes and tried to teach the beacon from the Harmony 880 but no luck either.

I also have a similar problem with my projector where I can turn it off but not on.

All of this even after I updated the firmware of the beacon that was to help with learning.

Oh well maybe I am heading over to Logitech to buy the Harmony Link...anyone have any experience with it?
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I am also having trouble with programming,especially input codes for pioneer vsx-1021 and an older sony lcd.apple tv sony blu-ray work well.2 tivos are mostly ok.i used data base,original remotes,and harmony one to getmost codes,but activities (macros ) dont work.
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Picked up a Beacon recently off of the Target clearance rack. It looked interesting. Been awhile since last post here. Anybody still using this thing. I'm liking it so far.
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I picked up one cheap on ebay recently. I like the idea, but the execution is lacking. The device database is quite small. So I've had to learn a lot of commands, and that's where this thing falls on its face. Most of the learns simply don't work. They either repeat too much or don't work at all. I'm going to keep playing with it, but so far it's not looking like a reliable solution.
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I purchased a Beacon from eBay and it arrived this last weekend. All my devices worked fine with the preloaded remotes with the exception of my Home theatre Samsung. After a couple of hours off failed attempts to make Beacon learn from the Samsung or any other remote I decided to change the iphone as a last step previous to return the beacon. As a result I discovered that at least my beacon can learn if I use Iphone 4, Iphone 5 or iPad II but doesn’t learn with my old iphone 3g.

The other finding was you need IOS 4.0.1 or higher and Dijit doesn’t work at all in a jailbroke iphone 3g.

I hope this help you.


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I have 2 in different rooms. Both can be swapped from room to room if required. I programmed every remote manually by its button. Some took 2 or 3 goes. I have 8 devices controlled in one room and 5 differnet ones in another.
All the major commands I have integrated into a page called Home Theatre.
This was repeated with differences for the other room.
Works on all my Jail broke ios devices, ipods, ipad1, iphone 4s

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