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My Rythmik Ds1500 Build

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MY "DIY" Rythmik DS1500 Subwoofer KIT, Actually "Assembled" might be the better term

19 x 19 x 21 MDF Sealed enclosure

Installing the Subwoofer

Screwing the woofer was the most scary part, as I have accidentally "ported" a midrange driver with a screwdriver during assembly when I was in high school. The thought of repeating the same with a power drill was present in my mind all through out the assembly.

Sub driver finally installed, its still a sealed design :rofl:

With the grill

How big is it ?

Here it is beside my 12 inch M&K V 75-II

Yes, thats a piece of glass on top, The subs serves as end table for the couch.

The big question, How does it sound ?

My goal in getting the sub was to get rid of some "boomy" sound on some recording that I play, The M&K is good subwoofer, but on some tracks, like vocals, guitars and percussions, the sound is boomy and I often turn off the sub when I listen to these.

Antonio Forcione Live

I love this cd, when I played this track after a few seconds, I was all SMILES , gone was the boomy sound of the old sub, the bass was there and it simply did not interfere with the guitars.

I can hear voices in my head

I played a variety of vocals from Patricla Barber, Eva Cassidy and Stacey Kent and the sub was well behave, I started to hear stuff that I swear i never heard before, i reckon some of the detail was being masked by old subwoofer. On occasions I had to stand up and check if the sub was actually working :lol:

Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem sounded cleaner, the bass lines was actually for a lack of a better term, "thinner", not in a negative way, but I reckon much cleaner and tight without the boom. One of my favorites tracks in this album is Grandmother, her voice is much more defined and I started to have goose bumps. You know something is right when Goose bumps happens to you when your listening to music.

Jurassic Lunch - Telarc

I wanted to play this track after the sub was broken in, after a couple of hours of usage, I could not help myself and I got the disc :devil: , With my old setup with three 12 inch sealed subs. I start to hear the T-Rex faint footstep in the 18 plus seconds of the track, With the Rythmik the first footsteps is heard, oh sorry, I mean FELT at 14 seconds !!!, at this point I started to laugh, seriously, I was alone laughing while I was listening to this track.

The Sheffield Track & Drum Record

One of my favorites CDs for testing and listening, I did not expect to hear much with the sub with the drum test tracks, I expected to hear a cleaner sound with the sub. What transpired was JAW DROPPING !!! I have never heard this CD with this much punch and wallop from the kick drum, Not even when I had three 12 inch sealed subwoofers (2 KEFS and an M&K ).

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Well done - glad you are a happy builder!
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