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Originally Posted by petew View Post

What's that component above your preamp and video processor? Looks like a typical PC motherboard, but what's with all the DB25 and XLR connectors?
That's the Trinnov MC audio processor. The DB25 connections are high density balanced audio connectors, like the type used by pro mixing consoles, or audio tools like Pro Tools. It has 8 balanced ins and 12 balanced outs in the configuration I purchased.

You use a "snake" cable that breaks out the DB25 on one end to the XLR connectors on the other.

So, coming from the Classé processor, I have 8 balanced XLR connections (7.1) that go to one DB25 on the Trinnov. Then on the output, I have 8 channels on one snake feeding the 7 main channels (on the Sunfire) plus one of the subwoofers, and three other subwoofer outputs are on the other snake. Although I have a 12th hardware output, I am not using it and I didn't purchase the license for that channel so it is not enabled.
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Trinnov + DB25 == good excuse to get a Datasat smile.gif
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Originally Posted by JustMike View Post

Immediately above is just the garage door opener. The thing above that is a combined biometric (fingerprint) and RFID access control device. I haven't completed that piece of the integration yet, but it should be able to unlock either the access to the house or the access to the back of the rack. It's made by "ekey" -- it's European, but there's a US distributor.

I figured it was a fingerprint access but was not for sure.. That is really cool!
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I hope so! The electronic locks have keypads too, which I've been using since the fingerprint reader isn't online yet. They're pretty convenient already -- I hope the print reader is fast enough to be an improvement. The RFID piece of it is even nicer, though. That allows me to give a token to (say) the housekeeper, which they can't easily duplicate, to which I can assign access parameters (like day of week, etc), and which I can revoke without having to re-key a lock...
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Another question.... Do you have you av closet temperature controlled?
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Really impressive all around, Mike. Every aspect is a thing of beauty right down to the wiring.
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Yes and no. There's no separate temperature control of the A/V closet, but they ventilate (via the two Middle Atlantic fan units at the top of the racks) into the kitchenette space. The kitchenette has it has its own, dedicated "mini-split" air conditioner. The theory is that the racks will draw cool air in from near the floor and exhaust warm air from the top. The mini-split will ensure that the room stays cool, so that there's always a supply of cool air for the racks to draw in. The MA fans are variable speed, and they run faster if the rack is warmer.

I specifically and deliberately chose components that don't throw off a lot of waste heat. All of the amplifiers are "class D" or similar designs, so there isn't just a ton of heat to shed. The largest heat sources also get shut down when I'm not using them (amps, processors, Kaleidescape, PS3, etc.)

What remains to be done at this point is to finish closing up the empty slots and other gaps in the rack so that the fans won't just pull air from a few spaces below them, but will pull them through the whole rack.

I considered putting the mini-split directly into the rack closet, but my understanding is that when the space is too small, the unit will tend to short-cycle and be unable to maintain a consistent temperature.
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Just got home and checked out the mini-split, which is operating for the first time today. Holy crow, it's quiet!! I couldn't hear it over the other equipment in that room. The compressor is also a variable speed, soft-start model, so the outdoor unit is also very quiet. Good stuff. Will get a chance to try it out this weekend to verify how well the cooling strategy works during a full movie.
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Had a movie night this evening, and the new mini-split performed its task very well. The kitchenette and equipment racks stayed within normal temperatures during the movie, so I am very pleased. I think the rack cooling will improve further once I have the empty slots filled.
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Just spent the time and read through the thread. Spectacular results! I must point out that one should expect nothing less with all the incredible detailed effort and design choices by you, KYDG, and the entire team involved. Congrats, you should be proud.

I'll keep an eye on your efforts moving forward.
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Thank you very much!

My big remaining project is to finish my customized screen masking solution. I've been struggling to find a block of time to work on it, even though I think I have nearly all of the parts on hand... Hopefully soon.
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Had some friends over last night to watch The Bourne Supremacy, which I had actually never seen. Damn, that was fun. :-) I can sort of do without the handheld shaky-cam look on 'Scope content, but I'm probably not going to win that argument. Anyway, the picture on the Blu-ray is very enjoyable, and the VPL-VW1000ES's "Film 1" mode handled the inverse 3:2 pulldown nicely. (I tend to run the Kaleidescape player at 60Hz rather than 24p, because the switch from 60 to 24 causes a lengthy handshake cycle between the player, the Lumagen, the Classé and the projector.)
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That is a great movie! I can't stand shaky scenes either. I don't know why movie producers think that is a good idea??
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