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Hey all, I need some help. My ps3 stopped streaming all forms of media recently. I have made no changes that I am aware of to my pc or my ps3. I went through my router too and I am pretty sure all is correct. Again, I didn't make any changes, and one day it stopped. Strange thing is both server programs I have (ps3 media server and tversity) work fine for other items I have. I can stream all items perfectly to my ipad, iphone, and xbox360. So, the problem is just my ps3. I have turned off all the usual suspects (zonealarm, windows firewall, all anti-virus programs) just in case, no change.

note: It shows all items correctly. I can browse my media and all folders, just as before. When I go to a movie, the screen just stays black and it sits there. Also, for music, the ps3 shows the space background, but the music won't play.

Found someone else that had similar problem here:

Any thoughts? I need help.