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Possible damaged power amplifier

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Hey guys, long time reader first time poster

I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me out with a problem i'm having. The thing is there is sound coming from my speakers when my power amp is off even after a couple of hours so it can't be capacitors or something i think.

The sound is very distorted ofcourse but still it has me worried that i might damage more if i keep using it and i'm also wondering what exactly is broken, the power or the pre. They're both from Cambridge audio, the C500 pre and P500 power and about 10 years old, now i know that's not old for quality audio equipment but these were pretty cheap so who knows?

When both are turned on they sound just like they've always sounded maybe the sound has become a bit brighter but i can't say that for certain.

Thanks for any help!
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I get weird sounds that I've correlated to RF remotes and cell phones when system is shut down, just a thought.

It sounds like a cross between a beep and buzz in a Morse code type pattern
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Is the power amp still plugged into an AC outlet when this happens?
Does the amp have an automatic turn-on or mute circuit?
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You may well have a ham operator in your vicinity and if he is running serious RF power, that signal can invade just about any AV device. It is, however, illegal for his equipment to do that and by FCC regulations, he is responsible for doing whatever it takes to solve the problem. It may mean adding RF filters, replacing poorly shielded IC cables, reducing his ERP (Effective Radiated Power) etc.
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