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HD71 or HD72

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I was wondering if I could get
some quick advice. I have the opportunity to pick up an HD72 used with a new bulb, and ceiling mount for $330. Or an HD72 fac. refurb with 1 year warranty for $550.
I will be using the projector in my basement, not a light controlled room but moderately dark during the day. Mainly movies and xbox 360.
Which would you recommend?

Thanks for your time and advice,

EDIT: Any information would be greatly appreciated - just some basic advice.
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Id get the cheaper one $300 into a PJ won't bother you too bad if it bites the dust. It's a pretty bright projector you won't have a problem, games should look great.
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I should clarify the $500 one is an HD71 not 72. That was a typo.
Would you still make the same recommendation.
I was leaning more towards the 72, because of the cost (this being a low budget introduction into projectors for me).
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