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Help selecting new receiver

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Had an old Onkyo Integra THX receiver a TX-SV919THX, looking to replace it for use in a home theatre/audio setup. Need something that will allow for 3D, sirius internet radio, four HDMI connections. The question is: What is the best current receiver that I can use my old Onkyo THX speakers with?

The Onkyo speakers are: Center/right & left - THXF-1G; 6 ohms 100w
Surround - THXS-1G 6 ohms 50w and the sub is model THXPS-1G; 10 ohms

I have no idea how to find a good receiver that I can use these with or should I just start new everything?

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

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Anybody help me on this?

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Well "captkirk", there are a few Oknyos you can look at but it depends on your budget that is. Heres a few to look at.....


Out of those, I would look at the 709... good deal!

If you like the sound the speakers produce them I would suggest keeping them unless you feel that you are missing something. You can always upgrade that later as you can "piece" them as time goes.

There are higher priced ones of course but I was staying in the "mid" price. One step of from those would be the 809 and then above xxx9's
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Pretty much those speakers will work with any receiver. THX modes, are THX modes.
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The sub is powered, its impedance doesn't matter.

RE: sirius internet radio - Do you have a source or does the reciever need to have networking and a frontend for it? Otherwise just about anything will meet your needs, starting with say the Yamaha RX-V371, or similar models from denon etc. I would avoid the slimline Marantz models, they seem to have heat issues.

There is a guy on ebay that sells b-stock RX-V367 for even cheaper, now that newegg has sold through all of theirs.

Basically you can throw a wide net if you only need 4 hdmi and no audyssey. Those speakers are pretty efficient.
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Onkyo tech support told me I could not use these speakers as the front and center have a 100w max and the rear surround 50w, if I go the Onkyo 69 or 709 would it blow out the speakers? Would it show an error on the receiver?

thanks all

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did the "tech support" guy slurp the spit back into his mouth when it dribbled out the corner of his mouth ? what a moron ! At normal listening levels, your receiver will not output anything near 50 to 100 watts RMS. Unless you like to listen at "ear bleed" levels, your current speakers will do fine at modest volumes.

When your budget refills, you can look around for good deals on some speakers to upgrade your system and replace the subwoofer....but that's for later and does not need to be accomplished "right now".
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