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What's the biggest screen size I can get for my basement wall?

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I've finally been able to get funds for my theater/family room, but we've decided to change where it's going. And due to this point, I'm now facing an issue on screen size.
Max I can get is 92" due to one a bulk head and a sidewall at 92", and the wife doesn't want it fixed to the wall.
Now my question is this, is 92" to big?

I can sit back at least 10-15 feet away. My ceilings are at 7 1/2 feet.
The projector will likely be the Optoma HD20. The projector itself can go back as far as 20 feet if need.
My biggest concern is the one sidewall that runs the right side for about 5-6 feet at this 92" point (image an L shape then another right cut). Will this cause to much light reflections? The walls are dark grey and I have total light control.
My fronts shouldn't be to much of an issue as they will be under the screen as at 92", I'd have enough space to do so.

Any help is truly grateful...been so happy to finally get to this point but don't want to make a mistake making it not enjoyable.
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There are lots of "rules" out there about how big of a screen you should have based on how far back you sit... etc. It's all just personal opinion though. The only important measure is whether or not you're happy with it. With that said, it's fairly rare that you hear someone saying that they wish they had gotten a smaller screen.

If it makes you feel better, I sit about 14' from a 150" diag 16x9 screen. That's a lot bigger than most of the "rules" say you're supposed to go, but I love it.

One thing that is often recommended, is to get your projector first. Then display it on the wall so that you can try out different image sizes. That won't give you a lot of feedback about the reflections (since a screen will reflect more light than your wall), but it should give you a good feel for what 92" looks like at your seating distance, and whether or not it's too big.

Once you get a screen, you'll probably have some light reflections to deal with, especially as it sounds like the sidewall is right up against the edge of the screen. If you can talk the wife into letting you put up some black velvet on that wall, it should make a huge difference.
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exactly what shagg said.
In my personal experience, you shouldn't have any problem with that size screen and that seating distance. I would recommend you sit closer to the 10' and not as far back as 15'.
The closer you are to the 15', the bigger you will want to go.

If max is the 92" diagonal and you are worried about it being too big, i wouldn't worry at all.

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104" at 10.5ft and I find the size near perfect.

Ok, I actually find the screen size perfect.... not near perfect.
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If I could I would have around the 130 mark but with that dang bulkhead in the way I'm limited....the pj is ordered and I'll hopefully have the cables and mount settled shortly so I can figured this out...I really hope I can make at least a 92" work
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15' from a 92" screen is too far back to be able to receive the full benefit of 1080P. [url="http://hd.engadget.com/2006/12/09/1080p-charted-viewing-distance-to-screen-size/"]http://hd.engadget.com/2006/12/09/1080p-charted-viewing-distance-to-screen-size/[/URL
I have read many posts where a poster said that he wished he had gone with a larger screen, but almost no posts wishing for a smaller screen. With your thinking regarding screen size and viewing distance, I would do as one poster suggested and hold up buying a screen. Use the wall for a screen and try using 1.5 x width of the screen (not diagonal) for the viewing distance.
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