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Detroit Digital Sub Channels  

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There have been so many posts on STB hardware that I am not confident my hardware is working. SD means that its full screen 4x3 even when you are not cropping. I though I saw an SD version for NBC at one time.

I have a DST300. Am I missing any:

2-1 Fox HD, Good guide information
2-2 Fox SD, No guide information

4-1 NBC HD Good guide
4-2 ???? Channel not available
4-3 NBC SD No picture just a black screen

7-1 ABC HD No Guide
7-2 ABC Weather
7-3 ABC Tower Cam

50-1 UPN Good Guide

56-1 PBS "Good" Guide

62-1 CBS HD Good guide
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I've "lost" 4-2 also, I was going to do a rescan and see if it popped back in but I guess something else is going on. I will miss that feed when West Wing and ER are on I used it to fill my screen with the letter-boxed shows.

Don't know what you mean about the guide, on my RCA the guide is useless, all it displays is "normal programming" no info what so ever.
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Yeah! What Guide? On My Dish6000, all I get is Local Digital and no infor available messages?? Does this mean that the stations are sending out guide info. but our units are not able to process them??
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Does anyone in the Detroit are get the guide info on the SIR-T150? I have never seen anything on the guide with my Samsung.

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On my Mitsubishi receiver, I'm not getting any guide info at all, just "Regular Schedule". But I am receiving 4-3 (WDIV 4:3) today. It seems to come and go; when I last checked on it with the DTC-100, it was black.
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4-3 is back today so I guess that it just comes and goes. This is broadcasting full screen 4/3 perhaps the way the 4-2 used to.

I have a DST3000. They just updated the firmware and I guess all the channels are there. The APG on this generation box is very useful. When I say guide I mean that it doesn't say "Regular schedule" it has all the programming information . 4-3 got added to the guide once I tuned to it. It says "regular schedule" however.

Thanks for the responces.
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I have a DST3000 and receive the same guide information as detailed in the original posting. Must be the hardware...
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The guide mention that the DST 3000 uses is the APG where D* sends down the info after they iniput it for the local digital stations. The RCA,Sony anything that isnt a Re-badged Hughes doesnt use the APG and relies on getting its information from the digital strem being sent by your local broadcaster but rarely works for anyone on a reagular basis every now and then I get something to show up but its never been of any use anyway. And all the programing is mirrored exept PBS 56.1. And 4.3 is a 4x3 480i signal like Fox 2.2.

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I have never seen a guide on any of the channels on my Samsung STB and I'm hitting 10 or 11 bars of signal.
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