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Just my own humble option:

Sound Quality: A
Video Switching: A+
Video scaling: B+
Non-streaming Features: A-
Streaming features: A+
Value: B+

The only minor issue I've encountered is that the receiver does not like the "HDMI Out 1+2" setting for my Panasonic plasma HDTV and Mitsubishi HC-6800 projector. I have to switch between HDMI out 1 and 2 when I switch between my two video displays.

Overall grade: A

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I have a yamaha a810 and i am having major problems with it outputing sound at 192khz through the hdmi input from my pc, It will only play it through 2 channels and i dont understand why, if i change the 'khz' to 96khz on the pc then it plays all channels, them amp is supposed to have 192khz burr brown dac for all channels? also when i play a DTS HD Master singnal to the amp via same pc it only says in information that the signal is DTS 48khz and 1536 bitrate, im majorly confused and need some help please.


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I'm not sure if the 192kHz problem is with the receiver or the PC, but you're not going to hear a difference between 96 and 192kHz anyway.

The bigger problem is that you only seem to be getting the lossy DTS core instead of lossless DTS-HD. If you're trying to use one of the Cinema DSP processing modes then that would be the reason (page 44 of the manual). The 810 can't decode a DTS-HD bitstream and apply certain types of DSP processing at the same time.

If you use STRAIGHT mode and still don't get DTS-HD, then the issue is probably with the PC (for some reason it's not sending the lossless bitstream).
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I'm having a similar issue with the Panasonic DMP-BBT01 blu ray player via HDMI. I swapping the player onto my Denon and no issues.
I'm at the latest firmware on both so I'm at a loss as well (pun intended)smile.gif

Is Yamaha a bit fussy with the bitstreams?
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The problem is usually with the player, because it might not send a lossless bitstream with the default settings and it's not always obvious what to change (e.g. you usually have to disable secondary audio). But if you're sure the player is sending a lossless bitstream to your Denon AVR then that's not it.

Other than that, make sure the Yamaha is not set to some fancy DSP mode that prevents lossless bitstream decoding. Try STRAIGHT mode.
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you are right, it was stuck in the dsp mode and the secondary audio had to be turned off, I hit the info screen and sure enough it said it was decoding DTS-HD but hitting straight button did not fix.

I cycled the "info" button on the front panel and that solved the display as well to show "DTS-HD MSTR". Ok, I love my Yamaha again:)

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Thank you for your help but im still having difficulties, I tried playing a bluray through my PS3 and it still only played normal dts, i dont have a clue what to do
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Originally Posted by lukeyt91 View Post

Thank you for your help but im still having difficulties, I tried playing a bluray through my PS3 and it still only played normal dts, i dont have a clue what to do

Which model of PS3? The older ones can't bitstream DTS-HD MA, they can either bitstream the lossy DTS core or they decode the lossless track and send it as PCM (the latter is better).
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Hi, thanks for that, my PS3 is quite an old one so im going to purchase a new blu ray player to solve that problem, sorry but back to the 192khz problem ive got, when i change the settings on my pc to give the amp a 5.1 signal at 192 khz it still only plays through the front left and right subwoofer but when i check info it says it is recieving a 5.1 192khz signal and all channels are highlighted, is this a fault with my amp or does it just not support 192khz throuhg all channels?


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also i have my sky box linked via hdmi for video and optical for sound (dolby digital) which it only plays through 2 channels even though it says dolby digital on the screen, only plays through all channels whilst using a decoder also e.g prologic movie/dolby digital at the same time, when i press straight it says dolby digital but only coming from front left and right.

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Dolby Digital is sometimes 2.0, which would only use L/R speakers in Straight mode.

For the 192kHz issue, I don't know the answer. But I wouldn't use 192kHz anyway because there's no reason to, and it has the disadvantage of limiting what kind of processing the receiver can perform.
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Anyone else having problems with USB audio on the A810?

I have tried several different USB flash drives filled with plain old mp3 files and most of the times I can't even get the directory listing to load.

Usually the receiver just hangs at "Loading contents" or something, some times it manages to display the first 10 or so files and then hangs if I try to scroll to the next 10 files.
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Originally Posted by supacoopa View Post

Anyone else having problems with USB audio on the A810?

I have tried several different USB flash drives filled with plain old mp3 files and most of the times I can't even get the directory listing to load.

Usually the receiver just hangs at "Loading contents" or something, some times it manages to display the first 10 or so files and then hangs if I try to scroll to the next 10 files.

I remember someone mentioning a while ago that the flash drive has to be formatted for the FAT32 file system and not NTFS. This may be your problem.
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Yesterday I decided to take the update to v3.41 of the android version of the Yamaha AV Controller app. Why I did this I do not know - everything was working fine as it was. Sadly, the app now no longer works for me - it can not get out of demo mode (does not appear to know that a receiver is on the network). I noticed quite a few comments on Google Play about this problem (why didn't I read those before accepting the update???). Anyone else have a problem with v3.41?

Perhaps there was a firmware update that I missed somewhere along the way that v3.41 of the android app is dependent upon? I don't use the receiver for video, hence I do not have it connected to a TV and can not easily get it connected to a TV (without a 50' hdmi cable I'll need to disconnect everything from the receiver and move it downstairs to the TV). I figured I would check here before biting the bullet to check for a firmware update which may or may not help me.

Anyone having any issues with v3.41 of the AV Controller app?
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I just purchased this open box at BB for 356 with tax and four year warranty.

Most of the posts seem to be about issues. Did I make a mistake?
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People always post about problems, they never post when things are working well. Sounds like a good deal on the 810, so set it up and test it out.
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I just down loaded firmware v 3.39 from the Yamaha web site........is there a newer version? ...and if so where can it be down loaded?
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Where can I buy a new mic for the ypao setup
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Originally Posted by udt89 View Post

Where can I buy a new mic for the ypao setup

My guess would be Yamaha.
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Originally Posted by gce View Post

My guess would be Yamaha.

Are the mics model specific?
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Hi friends

I just got myself the BD-A1020 (blu ray DVD) to go with the RX-A810. First blu ray in is Star wars and I'm blown away. The DVD is a bit slow but works great otherwise.

I'd like to control both with the RX-a810 remote, but I can't find the remote code for the DVD player anywhere on the net. I have tried lots and lots of different codes without success.

Does anybody here know what this code is or where I can find it? I will appreciate it greatly.

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I just demoed the 810 was dissappointed becauce I had to turn the volume way up into the positive #s to get the equilalant volume of volume -30 on my rxv465.

is there something not setup correctly on this 810 like level? what should I be looking for in the setup?

Thanks STB
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If you're not sure how it's been set up, you could restore everything to defaults (see Advanced Setup menu in the manual).
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I have a question re: the "Remote In/Out" jacks on the rear panel...

My current setup has an older Xantech IR repeater system (previous version of this one), with stick-on emitters on the front of all the gear (Yamaha, STB, BDP, Apple TV, etc). I'd like to take advantage of the Yamaha's "Remote In" jack on the rear panel, but not sure exactly what type of cable to use. I know the current Xantech IR emitters use mono plugs, but looking thru the Yamaha manual it does not indicate whether to use mono or stereo plug for that end of the connection.

So if I just buy a generic mono-to-mono cable, will this work for sending the signal from the Xantech connecting block (791-44) into the Yamaha? Or a mono-to-stereo cable, with the mono end connected to the Xantech? Stereo-to-stereo?? I suppose I could just buy a bunch of different cables and see what works, but have no idea if I could damage anything if tip polarities aren't matched... confused.gif

FWIW, I just ordered an IR adapter cable for my Oppo BDP-83, which is a mono plug on one end, and stereo plug on the Oppo end. So just not sure if all AV gear with "Remote In" connections all use this arrangement. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable about most things AV, so kinda feel dumb asking about something simple like this! wink.gif

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

(disclaimer - I have not yet looked thru the general "Aventage xx10" thread for info...)

EDIT: This post indicates a mono-to-mono cable, but this is for a "Cables to Go" (non-Xantech) repeater system. I assume then this cable would work fine with Xantech?
Edited by mak99 - 5/30/13 at 12:47pm
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The Oppo requires a non-standard cable. Almost everything else (including Yamaha) uses a mono cable with the IR signal on the tip of the connector. So just plug a mono cable into the Xantech where you normally plug an IR emitter, and plug the other end into the Yamaha remote in. I've used this with an RX-V1800 (although not with a Xantech receiver) and it works. It expects a normal IR signal (including carrier).

For voltage I was only feeding it 3.3V, but I assume it works up to 12V (which I believe is what Xantech use).
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^^ Thanks! I'll take care of this in the next day or two and confirm that this works as expected, in case anyone else is wondering the same...
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I happen to own one, unfortunetaly due to health isuues, I had purchased in Dec 2011 and received it in January 2011.


Finally, it came out of the box last week.  It is connected to a panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV-3D, the only TV ever rated 5 stars by CNET in History, also connected to a Comacst DVR & a Sony 3D Blu-Ray system.  mOre to be added later.


All I can say, hold on to your horses.  You will love it.  It is so advanced it will knock the sox off your feet.


When I performed my first test, my wife came runnig down from the third because the house  was shaking.


All I can say is enjoy.  Make sure that you calibrate it correctly with the YPAO.



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Hope someone sees my post and can answer my question as im really frustrated.

Somehow i must have hit a button on my remote that changed settings on my yamaha receiver.

The screen says "surround decoder"?

How do i get this to disappear? It was always set up to "auto" detect the amount of channels depending on the source.

I have fiddled around a bit but cant get this off the yamaha screen.

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Not sure I can help but did you try hitting 'Straight' on your remote?
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Thanks. I did that. Its really weird. It now says straight on the receiver.

I have never seen anything on the receiver. Im not sure why it shows straight etc

But even though its on straight its only showing right/left and sub. 2.1 channels.

Thanks for responding.
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