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Well, I am taking my first shot at rs232 control. I have a Rotel RSP-1068 that uses a db9 to rj45 connector. I have the cable and have what seems to be a solid connection with the equipment as I have upgraded the firmware twice, most recently last week.

I don't have a GC-100 or iTach but I do have a PC running tcp2serial and I am attempting to control with iRule. I have tcp2serial seemingly connecting to the network and the Rotel as I see a connection in the command prompt. I have also downloaded a program per Rotel's support page called Docklight that sends hex, ascii, binary, etc for testing. I have a test file also that has sent the hex codes that Rotel documents. So the connection is there and the commands tested through Docklight work, but I cant figure out how to send them through iRule. The code for PowerOn is FE 03 A1 10 4B FF and that is what the docklight sends also. I just don't how to send that in iRule. I have created a device and tried it in hex codes and maybe network codes. I think I tried a carraige return /0xd also but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.