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Problems with new Panny HD display  

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I've moved my Panasonic direct-view set (don't remember the model #, its the newest 4:3 aspect ratio high-def capable direct view set) into my permanent HT room, now with much longer runs of component video cables, and I'm getting about 2" wide horizontal slightly brigher and slightly dimmer bars on the picture. These bars "roll" from the bottom to the top of the screen, each one leaving the screen before another one begins. They are pretty subtle and on some pictures depending on color content of the shot etc, they're not visible at all. At other times they're VERY visible, like in scenes deliberately shot "dark." Is this interference on the cables or is it more likely to be the set itself? The cables were expensive custom "Better Cables" component cables runs of about 25 feet or so. I'm getting the same problem no matter what source I'm using; I'm also having the problem on a run of S-Video cable to the set.

Anybody have any clues?
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This sounds like a ground loop problem between your source unit and the display- I presume you're powering from different outlets? If so, they may be on different circuits. As a test, try running an extension cord from the same outlet as either your set or source (DVD? Receiver?), so they're on the same AC.

When this occurs with cable, it's possible to get an HF isolation transformer for the RF. For video, such a simple solution won't work, as video is wideband. One solution I've seen work is to use a balanced power unit with isolation for all the source components. Note that the ground loop can be coupled through the audio gear into your video system, if there's a common ground in one of your components. A ground lifter AC plug won't always solve this, because it can be related to noise voltage on the neutral line; this is why a balanced power unit with filtering often helps (like the Smart Devices "Garbage Collector"). Good luck resolving your problem.

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