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I just had my first ever HDD failure. One of the drives in the HTPC started making clicking sounds and windows cannot find any of the data on it. Besides movies and all of my sons Baby Einstein videos, this thing had all of the different 60's and 70's drive-in movie snack trailers that I had XBMC configured to play before a movie. I scoured the internet for those things frown.gif

I suspect this is the first thing you did, but I've had varied success in the past by restarting multiple times until I can get the drive to spin up. Even some gentle tapping on the drive in a few cases. If you do get it to spin up, copy everything you can off of it immediately, because you may not be lucky enough to get it to do it again.

As I said, you've probably already tried that, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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I'm actually in the middle of backing up all my important files onto a 2TB HDD that I will be putting in our fireproof safe. I've accidentally deleted large folders that I did not want to where I had to remove the HDD and run software to recover. I wasn't able to recover everything. I'm hoping this helps me in the future.

I am also about to turn my WHS into a Win8 box and use that as my media hub since it will also allow TV tuners which lets me keep using our Xbox's as MCE's. I've pretty much done away with HTPC's... I'm over tinkering all the time and it gets old when I pop in a BD and it takes 20 minutes or more to figure out why it's not playing correctly and then fix it.
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Thanks for the help and advice. I did try some of the internet tricks to temporarily salvage a failed drive (freezer trick!) but they didn't work. Unfortunately I didn't plan for any RAID or backup when I put together my HTPC hardware selection. I am going to keep a lookout for holiday sales and maybe pick up some new drives and a drive bay that supports hardware RAID. The problem is that even on sale at some killer prices it is still going to be over $500 for four 3TB drives and the external bay.

If I go RAID 5 with that it will add another 12TB storage onto what I have now so I should have plenty for any future expansion.
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Nice build nebrunner and you live incredible close to me I live on 107th off of Irvington exit in Avalon. I just bought my first house and looking to put in a home theater in my basement. I didn't know there where that many people in Omaha that had home theaters you have me ecstatic about building one and can't wait. Mind if I pm any of you Nebraskans about build let me know you all have so much more knowledge then me? As I have not tackled anything of this proportion before.
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Welcome to the forum silentswarm. If you haven't seen Woolly's build check it out in the Copperfield Cinema thread, he probably has the nicest theater in Omaha and he holds some Omaha get togethers which would be a good chance for you to meet some of the area experts. There is a lot of knowledgable Omaha guys on this forum and I have learned a lot from them.
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Originally Posted by Moggie View Post

Hi, i would not recommend the auto switched power strip since it isn't likely to handle the amp current surge over time. At least I'd carefully check the rating. I ended up designing and building my own (I realize this solution isn't for everyone). Then someone pointed out some relays from Furman in this post.


Originally Posted by nebrunner View Post

Moggie you talked me into it, I ordered a set. I called Furman, they said that the powerport won't do what I need by itself, it takes a separate relay to trigger it so I ordered one of those as well. I didn't order the rack mount kit...yet.

Do you have more info on what you bought and the total cost of it all? I have a behringer amp and feedback destroyer that require me to turn them on manually. I would like to automate that to use my remote control macro. I like the $35 solution (cheap) but am concerned about it damaging my gear if it turns on/off at the wrong times. How much more expensive is the "right" solution?
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I bought the Furman powerport and an additional power relay for it. I believe retail on them is around $299 and the relay was an additional $30 or so. It is a commercial product so it may be tough to find many discount sellers on a new one, but if you keep an eye out you might score a good deal on used. I see one used on Amazon now for 1/3 the cost of new. They aren't cheap but they are built well and it has worked out great for me.
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Does anyone know if the RSIC-DC04, Genie Clips, etc. clips are available locally in Omaha?


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Originally Posted by nebrunner View Post

Yeah lets do that, we can wait till it warms up a bit. I'd like to say I had done more on the pinball cab but I need to do the stuff in the garage and it has been way too cold to get motivated for that kind of thing. I have been installing and configuring all the different pinball tables, which does take some time. Up to 75 or so now.
What is the latest on your pinball cabinet? Did you ever get it looking like you wanted it?

I made quite a bit of progress turning my pinball sale proceeds into a usable space for just me. It just did not end up being the space I wanted to use....
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Edl I don't think you can buy those directly here in town, I ordered all of my stuff from Ted at The Soundproofing Company. I did buy my drywall hat channel here in town at a place called Harter Drywall Supply, and I have seen Green Glue for sale in the tubes at Menards, but it is probably better to buy it in the 5 gallon pails.

dengland I have been making progress on the cabinet but it is very slow. That is my long term project, I get to work on it some weekend days when my son is taking a nap.

The body is complete. I gave up on trying to paint and clearcoat the legs and rails and I took them in to a powder coating shop so they are now done and looking good.

I ordered and received the plexi top cover.

I have mounted the backglass monitor and it is a great fit.

Woolly helped me cut and route out the DMD bezel and now I'm trying to get it painted and sanded so it looks nice and smooth. I have a couple coats of sanding sealer on it but it needs more.

I routed the insides of the main cabinet so the playfield monitor will sit right at the top under the glass. I tested and it fits perfectly.

The next step after finishing the DMD bezel will be to start putting all of the electronic guts into the machine and start wiring up all the switches, buttons and solenoids.
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Originally Posted by nebrunner View Post

The next step after finishing the DMD bezel will be to start putting all of the electronic guts into the machine and start wiring up all the switches, buttons and solenoids.
Looking forward to seeing it all together.
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Friday night some of the Omaha AVS guys came over for a showing of Red 2. We broke out a new batch of home brewed Scotch Ale and watched the movie. I commented that I hadn't made any progress in ages on the final theater punchlist. Thanks to their visit I was feeling motivated enough today to get up and do some work.

The two powerports have now been connected and racked. While I was working on that I replaced all the silver rack screws with black to make things look a little neater, and finally connected up the Sherbourn rack cooler. This was a neat little multi-configurable fan that either Desertdome or Andersa talked me into buying. I probably didn't need it as I built some robust airflow into that equipment room, but it had been on sale for a good price and it does help to fill up that oversize Dell server rack.

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I finally joined the forum. Thanks nebrunner for hosting. I really enjoyed myself. You have a very nice setup!
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There is a plumbing access panel on the wall next to the bar area that I have wanted to cover for a long time. It is awkwardly placed and a standard sized movie poster wouldn't be nearly large enough to cover it. I found a place called Heritage Auction that occasionally has old movie posters for auction that are 40"x60" "subway" sized that would be large enough to cover the access panel. I've been camping that site daily for the past 6 months watching for a good deal on a poster that I wouldn't be too ashamed to have hanging in that spot. I have seen some of these things go for hundreds of dollars, a few over a thousand, I got the Spartacus poster for what seemed like a steal, and it turned out to be in mint condition which I found amazing for a giant piece of paper that is over 50 years old. Of course, the framing and matting cost about five times what the poster itself cost.

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One correction - I didn't actually find the Heritage auction site myself, it was provided by another forum member; jayn_j back in 2011 on the first page of this thread. Thank you jayn_j.
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