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Table for pool and poker?

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My ideal games room will have both pool and poker, but I don`t have room for separate tables, nor anywhere to move a big table out of the room.

I can envision what I need but can`t find such a thing anywhere. I`d like a normal pool table, 8 feet, with an overlay that has a top I could put over it to play poker on. I have a couple of great carpenters that woulod do it for me if we can come up with a design.

My concerns are 1) would it be too wide 2) How to avoid scratching the pool table and 3) would you be able to sit comfortably at it to play poker or would your legs bump up against the pool table underneath.

Thoughts? Anyone built such a thing or have a better idea?

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There are "table toppers" for billiard tables that will give you a flat surface that will also protect the felt.

We played sometimes on top of a friend's pool table, and quite frankly, not a great experience. Height is wrong, can't put your knees under the table and it's just darn uncomfortable...

I'd choose one and do it right. Now, that said, it's very easy to make/buy a poker table that can be folded up and stored (I hung mine on the wall of the garage). If you can move other furniture to make 'game night' space for the poker table, I'd go that route.

It depends on which game is more important to you. But note that a game room with just a poker table looks good, too. The advantage of a poker table vs pool table is the number of other uses it has (lots of games can be played, with more concurrent players, too).

My $.02...

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If money is no object, u can always have it hydraulically operated and rise to the proper level for each game!
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in these economic times, money is object. i recommed pool table and fold up poker table as suggested, great idea. playing poker on pool table really suxors
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I sell pool tables and poker tables. I sell a company, and I am sure a retailer in your area sells them too; is California House. Where they make a pool table topper for poker as well as chairs that are slightly raised to make it comfortable to sit at a pool table and not feel like you are 12 years old.

Check for a dealer in your area. You don't have to buy their pool table, but they are the only one I am aware of that sells decent quality chairs at proper adjusted height.
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My concerns are 1) would it be too wide
-You need a 13x17 room for 8' table, you are going to have more than enough room with chairs

2) How to avoid scratching the pool table and
-Wood poker topper with a cover between that and the table

3) would you be able to sit comfortably at it to play poker or would your legs bump up against the pool table underneath.
-You are fine for the most part, because the poker topper is extended usually beyond the play surface
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I've done lots of searching and have found a few potential options. There were many that looked pretty low quality, and many that look like poor pool tables. I've found a few that look like a really good combination pool and flat top table. Good quality 8 foot ones seem to be $2000-$3000. I don't mind paying that if they're great quality and can serve both purposes well. I do wish I could try them out in person before buing is all...

For anyone interested in such a thing here are some options:


I think I like this one the best:


There's also some sold at Costco. Much less money for sure. ? quality



Curious if anyone has any experience with any of these?
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Sorry for posting such a late reply, but I found this while searching for somewhat the same thing.

Aramith Fusion Pool and Dining Table
It's expensive, but from what I could find the quality is worth it if you have the budget. It starts as a pool table, it is available with casino cloth for poker, as well as a hard top for dining or what have you. Its design is very sleek and minimalistic. It looks pretty cool to me.

It is also available with a stainless steel frame or cherry wood frame.

I also found some good poker and bumper pool combination tables on the same site, but it doesn't sound like you were looking for that.
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