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Picture Quality  

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Hello all, I am shopping for a RPTV and want to stay in the $2500-$3500 range. I want HD compatible but about 75% of our TV watching is satellite, very few shows are broadcast in HDTV at this time and all the sets I have looked at just don't seem to have good picture quality when running a satellite signal. In fact, the older style analog sets look better! Any tips I can use in making my decision? I want HD compatible because I know thats whats coming down the road real soon, but I don't want to have to live with poor picture quality while watching satellite in the meantime. I have spent the last two hours reading through past posts and can't seem to find anything that addresses this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!!
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What you say is pretty much true. This is why I bought a projector and kept my 5 yr.old Pioneer elite. Most all sports are in 4.3 and much of my viewing is;also. The only suggestion I can give would be, go to store and watch regular (non hi def); as well.-- You know what you got at home--you're just looking for something better. Geo
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Welcome to the forums, cobra427dan. If you visit hdtvgalaxy.com and check the schedules for CBS and ABC you'll see a good chunk of primetime is in HDTV. NBC is expected to join the crowd this year. If you get HBO HDTV, there's 1080i virtually 24/7, and Showtime has upconverted 1080i. HDnet via DBS fairly bristles with good HDTV. Discovery HD starts June 17, etc. etc.

I see mixed comments about DBS standard video here. There's much criticism about over compression of video signals, but others say they prefer DBS to cable. I watched NTSC on a 7-ft. 4:3 FP screen for years, but had no difficulty switching to 4:3 video stretched (more near edges) to 16:9 when I acquired a 64-in. 16:9 RPTV about two years ago. If you don't watch many DVDs, don't have access to clean, not-overly-compressed cable, or satellite signals, and can't get over the air NTSC or HDTV, then I'd agree a new HDTV set wouldn't be of much use.

Poor picture quality, I've found, depends hugely on the program originator. Time Warner Cable delivers mostly good quality video here. But some live golf last week was terrible because, it appeared, of edge-enhanced field cameras on the Golf Channel. At the same moment dozens of premium movies available looked fine, and local live news shows appeared still better fidelity wise. -- John
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what i would do is buy a decent digital projector for the good sources and use a microperf screen with a good 27-36" tube TV behind it for regular TV. this way, you get a great HD/DVD presentation, but without having to look at a horribly blown-up TV picture.
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