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AE100 temperature  

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yet another AE thread (sorry) but I am interested (worried) about the AE100 that have had problems and I would like to see if it is a temperature thing.

My AE when running for more than an hour has the following temperature measures:


I live at sea level and run in low power mode. I am interested in the temperature readings of other AE owners (from the OSD service menu)
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My ae100 is running at 151 to 170. I am also very close to sea level in Louisiana. My pj is running perfectly with no problems and 145 hrs.
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I'm at about 5000' and my temps are 167 and 190. I'm running the fan on high and bulb on economy mode. Anyone know what the 2 temp readings represent.

Editing after checking the manual. They may be external and internal temperatures.

The big question is how hot is to hot? I'd love to run the fan on low but would hate to cause a problem.

Ok, I set the fan on low to see what would happen and the temps went down!!! They are now 152 and 186. Maybe the fan on high caused more heat?
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This is interesting..is this a bad default from Panasonic?? Should the
ideal speed be low through the service menu. I thought you can't save
any settings on the service menu?
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The default fan setting is low. I set the fan to high based on a recommendation from Panasonic tech support because of my relatively high altitude. I'm going to keep it on low and monitor the temp periodically.
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David, I'm in Colorado Springs and just ordered my AE100 I guess I will try the low fan setting and monitor the temp also. I wonder if our readings will be close or the same?
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I can confirm that odd relationship between temperature and fan speed. I tested the fan on Low, High and Full - and in each case as the fan speed increased so did the temperature!

I know the fan generates some heat but this definitely doesnt seem right. Maybe the numbers displayed arent absolute temperature - what else they would be I havent figured out yet.
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Checked my AE100 temp last night after 5 hours viewing: 141, 171. Projector on ceiling in eco mode and low fan (default) mode.

Usage at 275 hours and the service menu shown 110 hours which make the eco runs 2.5 times longer.


Li On
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Running a cooling fan on "High" speed is not necessarily always better for cooling. Sometimes the air is moving too fast over the object to be cooled to pick up the maximum amount of heat and carry it away. Also as one of you said, the extra heat from the motor working harder also comes into play. More is sometimes less..
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It almost seems like the hotter your pj the lower the temp levels, Ill try checking the temps of the AE at start up.

thanks to everybody that has responded so far! bumping it up to see if we can get more readings.
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Forgive my ignorance... how are you guys seeing the temperature??
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from the AE service menu, go to the menu, options and while in the OSD menu hold the enter button for a few seconds.

Once in the service menu go to the self check option.
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After being on ~ 2 hours

Temp 1 =154
Temp 2 =187

48 hours on lamp
TH-AE100 (from Japan)
Ceiling Mounted
No step down transformer (~119 V AC)
Using Radio Shack Grounded Plug
Madison, WI (845 ft above sea level)
Fan on Low (default)
Lamp in Econ mode

No problems so far.
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Readings: 134 & 167

That is after about 2 hours of viewing in econo mode with fan on lowest (default), floor mounted. Approximately at sea level, north east US. Room temperature about 72F. Japanese model TH-AE100 running on straight US line power (through a UPS).

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Temp 2 is the temperature of the intake air.

There is an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) sensor just inside the air intake filter.

For some reason, Panasonic are using the NTS's inverted, i.e. the number increases when the temp drops. They probably have a reference figure with which to use the actual readings from the PJ.

So Temp 2 won't vary greatly if the fan is on low, medium or high (obviously, as the PJ runs for a while, heat from the bulb unit will increase the tmep around the sensor).

If you don't believe me about the inverted readings, enter service mode - self check, note the Temp 2 reading & then breathe slowly a couple of times into the air intake. The temp displayed will drop a couple of degrees!(actual temp is increasing)

I'll open up my unit some day to check where the Temp 1 NTC (or maybe it's a PTC, but I doubt it) is located, but it's most likely in the exhaust outlet area.

Again, in the service menu, check your temps in low (default) fan speed mode, then increase the fan speed to high (or even normal) & watch the temp 1 figure increase. Obviously the temp is decreasing, but the indicated temp is increasing. This again confirms the readings are inverted.

Also, if you're very quick to check the temp readings immediately on startup, you'll see that Temp 1 & Temp 2 are almost identical, but as the bulb, & consequently exhaust air, heat up, temp 2 stays pretty much the same, but Temp 1 decreases (indicating an increase in exhaust air temp).

I've 180hrs+ on my unit, running in Eco mode with low fan & no problems. These Mercury vapour lamps do run extremely hot, but I'm not unduly concerned about temperatures on this unit. Plenty of failsafes if the fan should cease/slow or the intake/exhaust be obstructed.

I'm currently looking at reducing the noise output of this PJ with some simple modifications & maybe the use of a different (more efficient/quieter) cooling fan.

BTW, I'm an engineer, so I have at least some knowledge about these matters.:cool:
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great post! I also agree that the temp seems to go down as the pj heats up. From the temperatures listed we can get the following averages:

Range Temp 1 =134 141 151 154 167 152. Average = 149.8
Range Temp 2 =170 171 186 187 190 191. Average = 182.5

There seems to be no differences in temperature between ceiling and floor mounted AE100s. I would like to encourage more people to post any temperature readings, especially interested in the temp that people who have had problems wth the AE are running at.
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Have just read the temp of my AE at startup.
I guess this means that it is definitelly a negative temperature reading. If your temp is lower than the averages posted above beware :)

thanks for all your help.
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Hi kev,

Very interesting! What happen if the temp reading drop to zero? Just kidding! Seriously, does the AE100 has some sort of protection circuit which will auto shutdown the machine if temp is too high (or the reading too low)?


Li On
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thxex mentions there are a "lot of failsafes" maybe he could elaborate on what he means by that, but it sounds like the protection circuit you are asking about.

Another thought on AE temps. Since we know that temp2 is in the intake air and should not be affected by the pj temperature maybe this is a reference temp. In this case the values are irrelevant, only the difference counts:
TEMP2-TEMP1=30,33,33,34,34, 19(?), 23(on high fan)
Great now I am on the high end of the scale *sigh*.

Btw li on, already at 301 hours? must have put in some serious hours lately!
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Hi kev,

Come to think if it, maybe the LED of Death mentioned in this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=134177 is due to mal-function temp sensor? Then the projector thinks it's temp reading is off scale and won't start up? Just a guess!


Li On
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Originally posted by Li On
Hi kev,

Come to think if it, maybe the LED of Death mentioned in this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=134177 is due to mal-function temp sensor?
Good point, of course in that case whatever made the temp sensor mal-function would have to be investigated so sending it back is still the best solution, or where you going to suggest replacing the temp sensors?

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I asked the following question to Panasonice support in Canada:
From the menu used to increase the fan speed is an option to view, among other things, 2 temperature's called TEMP 1 and TEMP 2. Could you (or point me to somewhere that could) describe these readings in more detail. For example, what they are and what would be considered "normal" and "abnormal" values?

Their response was:
Temperature 1: measured near LCD panel (sensor 1).
Temperature 2: Measured near air intake slot (sensor 2) - detects air filter
choke etc. The difference between both temperatures is calculated by microprocessor and decision of turning OFF is made in critical value (not specified by numbers) - TEMP LED is turned on.

Customer Care Centre
Panasonic Canada Inc.

Helpful, in an obtuse sort of way :)
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After 3 hours on and 90 hours use:
Temp1: 135
Temp2: 172
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Temp 1 144
Temp 2 177

Check at various times, Initaly the first reading is higher, after a while it seems to stablize around 140's
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I would think that the temperature near the intake slot would always be lower than the LCD temperature - and why would the decision to turn the unit off be based on the difference between the two temperatures? Seems to imply putting a few heaters in the room to increase ambient temperature would solve the problem of the unit shutting itself off.
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ahh - inverse temperature - you miss a couple of posts and look what happens... sorry about that.

It still doesnt explain why theyre using the difference between the two temps to determine auto-shutdown.
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Temp2 is in the cooling fan outside the unit, so it detects ambient temperature. Temp1 is inside the unit. Putting a few heaters inside the room would affect both temperatures, but not the difference between them.

Temp2-Temp1 is the difference between ambient and unit temperature, from posts here it seems that the difference should be at arround 34, if it is higher than this you may want to consider increasing the fan speed.

btw just a couple of days since I said I was not going to start any more threads on the AE this comes to the foreground, thanks guys :)
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Last night I tried turn off my room air conditioner for a while. The AE100 temp reading dropped to 122 158 and still holding strong. I ran it that way for around a hour then switch off and went to bed.


Li On
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