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Comcast Remote Control Code for Samsung HT-P38

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I have a Samsung Home Theater In-A-Box, model HT-P38. I am using this with a Comcast Motorola DVR and have been trying to get it programmed to use with the remote that Comcast gives you so I can control the volume. I am using the "Platinum Dark Silver" version of the Comcast remote. I have tried every number for Samsung in both their pamphlet and on the Comcast website and haven't been able to get any one of them to work, nothing for power or volume. Has anyone gotten this to work, or know of any other codes I might be able to try?? I'm trying to keep from having to use two remotes, one for volume and the other for everything else.
Thanks, Steve
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Your remote doesn't have a compatible code. But the $15 RCA RCRP05B does (AUD 1295, 1500 or 1868 which is NECx2 67.83). Here are all the corresponding individual function codes:

0 00090
1 00169
2 00167
3 00171
4 00164
5 00168
6 00166
7 00170
8 00026
9 00154
AUX 00121
DVD 00249
EZ view 00186
PLII effect 00052
PLII mode 00180
Test Tone 00148
Tuner 00057
audio 00182
cancel 00122
channel down 00091
channel up 00219
digest 00053
disc skip 00085
down arrow 00120
dsp/eq 00212
enter (circle center) 00184
info 00214
left arrow 00216
logo 00021
menu 00150
mute 00025
next 00123
open/close 00149
play/pause 00187
power 00185
prev 00251
remain 00181
repeat 00198
return 00244
right arrow 00248
sleep 00217
slide mode 00250
slow (MO/ST) 00152
sound edit 00116
step 00024
stop 00059
subtitle 00054
tuner memory (P.Scan) 00088
tv\\video (dimmer) 00245
up arrow 00056
vol down 00027
vol up 00155
zoom 00058
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Thanks for the quick reply!! That remote looks like the best thing to get. I was worried about getting a universal thinking I would loose most of the functionality of the DVR, but this seems to have everything I need. I'll look into getting one of these maybe tomorrow, is there a better model of this remote, or would this be the one you recommend?
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There are about 30 current models with the code, but that's the best one IMO and the easiest to find. If you get the RCA, it needs to be that model exactly. Widely available at sears, best buy, walgreens, radio shack, etc. Your other devices the same codes as your current remote, which would be CBL 0476 for your DVR, IIRC. To find out what other codes you're using, follow the blink back steps in the manual programming instructions in the wiki link in my signature. That's also where you can get instructions for programming the individual advanced codes I posted. If you buy a JP1.3 cable, you can add any codes to your current remote as well as program the RCA from your PC and not have to deal with all those individual codes at all. HERE's the upgrade file your your device if you get a cable. With a cable you can make that $15 remote behave like a $200 remote.

For a complete list of compatible remotes, follow the Codes link in my signature then search one of the posted codes and click the number under the remote column in the results.

If you post the model number of your DVR, I can give you all the individual function codes for that too. UEI makes your cable remote and the RCA, so they use the same codes. But the RCA is newer and has the latest codes and more of them. It's also learning, has more advanced volume punch thru, device specific macros and more devices.
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Thanks again, great information. My DVR model is a Motorola DCX3400 and TV is a Mitsubishi WD-60C10
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Yep, CBL 0476 and these function codes:

POWER 00144
OnDemand 00208
REW << 00209
Play > 00204
FF >> 00207
Stop 00211
RECORD 00046
Replay 00179
MyDVR 00175
LIVE 00177
A and Lock 00081
B and Day- 00174
C and Day+ 00178
Page up 00176
Page down 00172
UP 00051
DOWN 00047
LEFT 00049
RIGHT 00045
OK/Select 00078
Guide 00050
Info 00044
Menu 00206
Exit 00080
Help 00048
Last ch or menu 00076
Vol+ 00143
Vol- 00145
Mute 00141
FAV on CBL 00079
Ch+ 00140
Ch- 00147
num0 00018
num1 00014
num2 00016
num3 00012
num4 00019
num5 00015
num6 00017
num7 00013
num8 00146
num9 00142
TV/VCR(TV or AMP inputs) 00083
Enter and HD zoom/aspect 00034
PinP swap 00236

Mits could be TV 0150, 0817, 0836 or 1250 and possibly these functions:

0 00057
1 00181
2 00053
3 00117
4 00245
5 00213
6 00085
7 00149
8 00021
9 00185
VOL + 00215
VOL - 00087
MUTE 00151
CH + 00055
CH - 00119
POWER 00183
Power On 00167
Power Off 00039
LAST 00058
Up 00169
Down 00041
Left 00200
Right 00072
ENTER 00152
GUIDE 00203
Audio 00101
MENU 00103
Info 00251
Video 00165
EXIT 00008
Record 00136
Pause 00202
Stop 00240
Rewind 00176
Play 00048
Fast Forward 00112
F1 00219
F2 00091
F3 00027
F4 00180
SLEEP 00122
PIP 00138
SWAP 00010
MOVE 00150
pip input 00234
pip ch + 00134
pip ch - 00006
Format 00022
Std Format 00192
Exp Format 00000
Zoom Format 00198
Stretch Format 00064
Stretch Plus Format 00128
Narrow Format 00096
Wide Expand Format 00224
pip freeze 00202
Input + 00023
Input - 00247
HMDI 1 00233
HMDI 2 00007
DVI/PC 00020
input 1 00199
Input 2 00071
Input 3 00135
Component 1 00073
Component 2 00201
Component 3 00009
Ant A 00231
Ant B 00036
DTV 00009
DVD 00073
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I have the same Samsung Home Theater, and same inability to find a code for my new cable remote, Insight Custom DVR M2167 by UEI. I've had other UEI remotes in the past & they didn't work on my HT-P38 either. This remote was made for a Multiroom DVR system, and the distinction from other models is that the "My DVR" button allows you to view a complete list of multiroom DVR recordings. The regular remote & the on screen icon will only display recordings from the 1 box. The RCA remote you referenced above sounds really cool & I was able to locate one! Are you aware if there are any function codes for the multiroom DVR function.

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If I understand correctly, your new remote has the My DVR function already. So just learn it on the RCA, no need for a code. In most cases this is simply the MyDVR 00175 code already posted. You can also do a brute force search where you try every code from 00000-00255. Just tap the setup button followed by the code. The command is sent when you press the last digit. Takes about 15 minutes to try them all. If you find it, please post it.
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You are understanding correctly. The new remote has the "My DVR" button just like the older models of the same Insight/UEI remotes. They claim that the My DVR button on the other models won't work the Multiroom function. When I find it I will be sure to post it here! Thank you..
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Here's an fyi from Audiovox/RCA's customer support:

07/23/2012 12:28 AM
What are the differences between the RCRP05B & RCRP05BR models?

Response Kenneth Pittman via Email 07/23/2012 12:11 PM

Thank you for contacting us. The only difference is the packaging. The R stands for Red package. As far as the remotes, they are the same.

Customer Service
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