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Originally Posted by malelan View Post

i guess my question here is why rack the controller boxes for some tvs? seems like in some of your photos you had no problem mounting the control4 box in the wallbox behind the tv. why not do that in every room instead of racking it and running component through the house.

whats the advantage?

Most rooms have HC200s. Those were mounted behind TVs. The theater and family room have HC300s, which are much larger.

The HC200s in the rack are for the Office, MBR, and Backyard. I think the backyard is obvious. Not sure about the others.
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Originally Posted by JTR7 View Post

Most rooms have HC200s. Those were mounted behind TVs. The theater and family room have HC300s, which are much larger.

The HC200s in the rack are for the Office, MBR, and Backyard. I think the backyard is obvious. Not sure about the others.

JTR7 - I couldn't have explained the situation better myself. As for the racked controllers there are five of them.

Theater - This uses an HC-300 which is larger, but also more capable. There is really no other way but to rack mount for a room like that.

Family - Also uses the HC-300. This back box was also above a fireplace so it made sense to keep it in the rack.

Office - Rack mounted HC-200, This back box if you go back and look actually houses the articulating arm for the TV. So the back box is actually part of the mount. No room for an HC-200.

Master Bath - Same situation as the office.

Outside..... No need to explain.

As for the matrix.....

At my last house I had a 4x4 with Sat (1), Sat (2), Xbox, Blu-ray as the sources. I never had an issue with this configuration as it was just my wife and I.

This house I designed with the ability to expand for when the day came that I would have children. Well..... I found out this weekend we are expecting for the first time. I still think we are in great shape with the system and will be for the long haul. (2 kids max) So the sources will be:
DirecTV (Adults)
DirecTV (Children)
Xbox 1
Xbox 2
Blu-ray Single Disc (3D)
Blu-Ray Sony CX7000ES 400 Disc ( I will explain later)
Atlona Scalar - Camera DVR, Computer
Spare - Future DirecTV (3) - Guests

Output 1 (HDMI) -> Theater PrePro -> HDBaseT Balun -> Projector
Output 1 (Balun) -> Empty
Output 2 (HDMI) -> Outside TV
Output 2 (Balun) -> Family
Output 3 (HDMI) -> Master Bath
Output 3 (Balun) -> Master
Output 4 (HDMI) -> Garage
Output 4 (Balun) -> Office
Output 5 (HDMI) -> Empty
Output 5 (Balun) -> Guest Suite
Output 6 (HDMI) -> Game Room Left
Output 6 (Balun) -> Gym
Output 7 (HDMI) -> Empty
Output 7 (Balun) -> Game Room Center
Output 8 (HDMI) -> Game Room Right
Output 8 (Balun) -> Baby's Room

Ok so the 400 Disc - I was thinking that I didn't want babysitters and children touching the rack so why not let them select from the box covers. Kids for the most part operate by watching the same 20-30 movies over and over again so the kid can use an ipad or on screen gui and select from the movies in the changer. I am going to have to put doors on the rack and locks on the door. The Sony ES Changer has an MSRP of 1899 but is discontinued and I am waiting for the clearance price at bestbuy to drop a little bit more. I am going to have to get another 5-ch amp in place of the two large crowns to make room in the racks.

Still getting used to the idea of having a child. Originally wanted to wait 2-3 more years until I passed 30, but there you go. You never know what God has in store for you.
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I have gotten a lot done this weekend. I am going to try and post some pictures. The crunch is on. I now have a completion date for all of this. Also thinking about how much sound proofing I need to do. I insulated all of the interior walls, but I know that isn't going to cut it.
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Congrats on the good news, and you're right about never knowing what He will put in your path.

OT - IMHO, don't worry too much about this stuff entertaining your kids....much more important is your one-on-one interaction with them. My son is 8 and my daughter is 4 and for the last several years I have really put a lot into media entertainment for them, and its just now starting to sink in that I'm made it too high a priority. A 2-3 movies a week is more than enough media. 10-30 minutes per day of one-on-one doesn't sound like much, but is a very serious commitment.....and will go much further to helping them become the type of person you want them to be.

Amazing you're able to tackle such an expensive project at such a young age. I was envisioning you in your 40s LOL. I'm 32
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We also have a sub 400K home build going in Texas. Yes, you can get a lot of house built in Texas.

Working out the HT stuff now but not anywhere near the extent you are. We're leaving off the option of automating the cat and dog.
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That is a $400k house ?!?!I really do hate you
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Looks like I'm moving to Texas
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From a design stand point. How do you design a home with that much cabling? Obviously since you mentioned 16" studs, it is not increasing stud count. Are you using I beams for joists? I know a lot of wiring can be done from within the joists and studs. but not everything can, and even if going to external walls that much wiring must be poking holes in a lot of caps. How did you offset this lack of structural stability?

Normally lots of wiring incurs metal framework with predrilled conduit holes but since you mentioned shaving studs to fit a TV box, that is not the case.

(Would be sweet though a copper line on each creating a Faraday cage...)

I gotta say WOW and WOW and WOW again though.. The tech you threw into it is impressive as hell reminds me of the X10 homes I was setting up in the early 90s. times 10!!!(does that make it x100? lol )

EDIT: Oh did you design in the ability to perform simple upgrades?
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Originally Posted by BrittonYoder View Post

JTR7 - I couldn't have explained the situation better myself. As for the racked controllers there are five of them.

Thanks. I swear I'm not outside your house watching you connect all this stuff. I like the new drapes though. ;-)
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Another cool link for possible automation

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TTT, bumpity bump.

Any updates?
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Well here we are again. I've been really busy at work, but all that is going to change! No more working weekends for the foreseeable future. I have made a little progress since I last posted.

Kitchen - Color Changing LEDs Installed.
Everywhere - More Light Switches Installed.
Garage - Non System Related. Shop is getting closer to completion.
Backyard - Speakers Installed.
Front Porch - Speakers Installed.
Rack - 4x8 HDMI Matrix switched out for 8x8. 16 hours of Wire Management.
Theater - I have made same decisions on the direction I am going to take this room.
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I am writing this as much for the benefit of the thread as I am for my own benefit.

Game Room: Wire Management. Get Parts Rack Taken Out. Center TV. Trim Out Outlets for Martin Logan Speakers. Point speakers. ID Light Switches. Setup network on Google TV. 8-Hours.

Guest Room: Purchase additional LED can. Wire Management. ID Light Switches. 2 Hours.

Gym: ID Light Switches. Setup network on Google TV. 1 Hour.

Upstairs Bathrooms: Install Light Switches. ID Light Switches. 1 Hour.

Future Kid's Room: ID Light Switches. 1 Hour. Purchase and Install Star Ceiling. 24 Hours.

Rack: Run 17 Cat-6 Lines From Right IO Extender to Patch Panel. Terminate 50 Cat-6 Lines. Mount Patch Panel. Go through settings on all equipment. Install exhaust system for cooling. Purchase and integrate Sony ES 400 Disc Changer. Install IR controlled RGB LED Lights. Purchase VGA Cable, C4 HC-800. Sell HC-1000 16-24 Hours.

Top Of Stairs: Run Cat-6 and Install Motion Detector. Rearrange 6-button Keypads and light Switches. Install LED Cans. 4 Hours.

Theater: Purchase, fabricate, install (Wainscoting, Fabric Walls, Light Fixtures, RGB LED Lights, Star Ceiling, Built Ins). Finish Sound Proofing. Purchase More Genelec Speakers. 3-6 Months.

Office: Wire Management, Fabrication of Aluminum Computer Mount. 8 Hours. ID Light Switches.

Entry: ID Light Switches. Change Lighting Scenes. Program Door Locks. 2 Hours. Install Motion Sensors and Cameras 2 Hours. Install Switched Outlet and ID 30 Min.

Dining: Get Speakercraft to replace new broken amp.

Kitchen: Install pantry motion sensor. Wire management of LEDs. Change of lighting scenes. Order new buttons. Install LED Cans.

Family: Finish Fire Place. Paint Around New TV. ID Light Switches. 4 Hours plus hire the rest of the fireplace. Install LED Cans.

Master Bedroom: Install Speaker Covers.

Master Bathroom: Install 6-Button Keypads and Light Switches. Wire Management. 4 - 6 Hours.

Master Closet: Install Motion Sensor. 1 Hour.

Laundry: Install Motion Sensor. 1 Hour.

Entry Hall: Install LED Cans. Order new Keypad buttons. 1 Hour.

Garage: Purchase and Install TV and Mount. Install Speakers in ceiling. 4-6 Hours.

Side Yard: Install Motion Sensors, Cameras, Metal Halide Lights. 2-4 Hours.

Backyard: Purchase and Install TV. Install Camera and Motion Sensors. 6-8 Hours. 3-6 Months for TV.

So yeah there is still a lot to do!
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Thinking about this style of painted wainscoting in the theater. Wainscoting from the waist down and fabric from mid-wall to the crown molding.
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This is the method that the fabric will be attached to the wall.
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This is fabric I am considering in Green. Wainscoting - Painted Black.
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I'm still very undecided whether I want to do the ol fabric frames or goto panel track. What factors decided your choice?
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The fabricmate system, though pricy, gives a really nice, professional result with really very little effort. You also have the ability to change the fabric much easier than stapled in fabric.
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I agree it is pricey. I bought the professional install kit for something I did at my bosses house and when you do that, you get a discount on the material so that helps a little. I thought about the right way to do this for some time. There will be crown at the top of the wall and it just seemed like track provides the best ability to snugly fit to another surface. Just my two cents....
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Pricey, but maybe a time saver. You can cut it with a mitre saw, you don't have to build any frames. When I put up my fabric originally, I had some pulls in the fabric from the staples - you won't get those with the tracks either. Done it both ways, six of one, half dozen of another. I'll probably use the track this next go around. You don't need the installed. I used a putty knife - rounded the edges and used it with a small hammer (the jaws on the track are tight). Multiple profiles too.

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What did you guys use for the substrate? There is no way I am going to buy the recommended stuff from fabric mate. It is something like $400 for 100sq ft. The track only provides for a 1" depth. I was thinking about using a 1x1" below the track to allow for two inch thick panels. ATS acoustics seems like the right place to buy panels. I have used OC 705 in the past, but I am interested in the recycled jean material panels because they are less rigid and wont create any visible edges.

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Take a look at this: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1#post13463091

We used 1" under the track for the rear wall and 2" of OC703. You can go through that thread quickly and see the track install.

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Great Thread. I need to read in more detail. Going to try and post some pictures tonight as well.
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This is the latest with the rack. This has been so much work. Hundreds of hours.
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This is the back of the Atlona 8x8. Was difficult to go back in and re-manage for different wire placement.
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These are the remaining wires needing to be managed. They will connect to sensors throughout the house.
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These were a great find on parts express. Pass 3.5mm audio, trigger, or IR over CAT-5.
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Looks like a mess, but it is all zip tied, labeled, and wound. I wanted enough slack for the what-ifs of the future.
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I don't think I have posted pictures of the theater before. This is the room in its very initial stages. I had the builder paint the room this ugly blue, because I figured it would be easier to paint over it with a dark color. The door on the left will be wrecked out and replaced with a "hidden" door with wainscoting on the bottom and fabric on the top. When the room is done, I will have a mini-fridge and microwave in the closet.

If my memory serves me correctly the room is 15' deep and 18' wide.

I plan to build a cabinet in the same style as the wainscoting to be flush with the other walls. The screen will be slightly recessed, but no more than a few inches. The reveal and area behind the screen will be covered in black micro suede. Cabinet will contain speakers.

Shape of ceiling. The top of the ceiling is 10'. There will be crown and uplights illuminating the vault. Vault and Ceiling will probably end up painted black. Rear speakers to be contained within columns. Not a huge fan of columns, but I am a huge fan of Genelecs and they are big.
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