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Making a 3D Bloggie 3D Video

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The Sony 3D Bloggie is probably the best (single) 3D video camera below $1,000 - it produces better 3D video than the Fuji W3, the Optimus 3D and the Panasonic TM900/750 with the 3D lens attachment. It produces 1/2-frame sbs 108030p videos with stereo (AAC) sound.

Apart from the video specs and the lack of manual controls and everyone's favorite topic (interaxial distance), there are two issues with respect to sound:

1. The audio cuts out before the end of the video clip, sometimes by almost 1 second. This means that one cannot simply line up the clips on a timeline and produce a video without audio gaps, unlike for the clips of almost all the consumer camcorders I know.

2. The audio is pumped up, so background noise (not internal camera noise) is amplified.

All of this means to produce a watchable 3D video from the Bloggie clips one needs to edit more than with a standard camcorder.

There are two ways to deal with the audio cut-offs: (1) trim the ends of every clip so the audio ends when the video ends. (2) Use crossfade transitions, which are very easy to do in Vegas Pro or Platinum.

And then reduce the volume of the audio when there is only ambient background noise, which otherwise will be too loud.

This video makes use of crossfades to eliminate audio glitches and audio volume control. It is not just a test clip of someone's backyard, but an exploration of Bryant Park in NYC: there is ping pong, library reading inside and out, chess, a carousel ride, bocce, fountain play, and jazz, in 3D!

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The Sony 3D Bloggie takes good 3D videos, if you stay in close (so small interaxials cut it). It is handy to carry around when those 3D opportunities present themselves. This video has some neat 3D, taken at a street fair:

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It also is just a great camcorder to shoot in stealth mode, in those places where you are not supposed to shoot video because somebody doesn't want to be caught on video. I keep a screen cover taped to the camcorder so when I need to block the light from the screen I can peel it off and stick it on the back over the screen and given it's wide angle in 3D mode, have little trouble framing a shot by blind aiming.
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Visiting Lincoln Center, NYC and Aix-en-Provence, France.

Lincoln Center:


The Big Apple, literally; fountains; the explosive Lincoln Center fountain; cast members of the Metropolitan Opera up close; rock throwing; underground East and West violin solos.



Lots of fountains, carousel, and a barking mechanical dog.

Sound from the Bloggie is still probematical: good frequency response and stereo, but set to maximize volume. Wind and background noise pumped up.
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