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Free Zenith CRT projectors

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Not sure if this is allowed but if not I am sure a moderator will delete this post! I have 5 Zenith CRT projectors that I want to GIVE away to a good home, I want nothing in return only to see them used - and get them out of my Chicago northwest suburb basement. I work for Zenith and purchased the units several years ago and did nothing with them.

I have 2 Pro2000 units that were tradeshow samples and are in large wheeled shipping crates

I have 3 Pro1200 units that were "B" stock inventory when I bought them and are in the original carboard shipping boxes.

The Pro1200 units are the better units - you can check the spec on both types here: http://www.curtpalme.com/PJSpecs_Zenith.shtm

I have remotes and manuals for all units. they have very low hours on them and the last time I fired the units up they worked fine. - no I will not ship them - you would need to pick them up and preference will be given to someone who is willing to take them all. Yes you can take them and part them out, resell them, or make a 5 CRT stack - I just don't want to throw them in the trash!

I can post pictures if needed but as they are free I would like to minimize the work needed to get rid of them.

Drop me a private message if you are intrerested and willing to come and get them.
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I want to live in Chicago!!!!!
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Pm sent.
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Originally Posted by Lewis837 View Post

I have 3 Pro1200 units that were "B" stock inventory when I bought them and are in the original carboard shipping boxes.

wow those are re-badged Barco Cine-8's with LIquid coupled Optics. What if I had my freight company swing by and pick one up with a lift gate?
There's going to be a huge demand and I know it's more hassle but one person shouldn't be able to horde them all . It's like in that TV show, Hoarding is BAD
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I am very curious to see these projectors. I ask the future owner to do a lot of pictures.
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PM sent as well.
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I keep thinking about what it would be like to do a blend with two projectors and how awesome it could be in theory. Since these are only 120MHz, they cannot fully resolve 1080p so overlay seems less effective. But once I think of the cost of having two Lumagens to match the color and do the 960x1080 x 2 blend, plus all the effort to make it work I start reconsidering.
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OK lots of responses let me work with the current early responders. If they fall through I will repost. Thanks to all for your help in finding these units a new home!
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Cliff you bastage!!!!

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Originally Posted by nashou66 View Post

Cliff you bastage!!!!


Nah, not me, havent heard a word from him
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I sent you a P.M.
I can pick them up anytime.
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Please consider giving your projectors away to people who will actually USE them, instead of to the people who ONLY see this as a way to profit from your generosity.
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I could not of said It much better my self.
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i wished i could get one i have had ****** luck ith tvs i have two 50 inch hitatchis rear projection crt nice ones one blinks in and out you miss half the stuffon tv the other wont quit rolling but you are way outta my way i am in va and couldnt afford the shipping but thats really awesome that you can help people to get a nice tv
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can any one help me????i have a hitatchi ultravision 50 inch rear projection crt model#50ux18b v41006241 it was a really nice tv but i have been doing some research and im getting no where.i know its not the converger i have set it no problem perfect colors and pic the problem im having is it rolls constantly and has horozontal lines going through it some times when it stops for a few its a nice pic im just frustrated i have bought 5 tvs in the past 3 months used and they were all converger problems and they all went to the county landfill im hoping this one wont have to if any one knows a solution please help me my children love watching tv and we are not able because of this
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Why not take it to a TV repair store and get it repaired?
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OK, who was lucky?

Willing to part with one of the 1200's?

Let's talk.
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Your selling this for how much?
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you might want to follow kurts advice rptv keep a lot of current even after you unplug them. If your not electroniclly savy your better off just leaving It to a tec to fix.
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I pmd lewis to see if he has any 1200x left as i would like to blend with my current one.

If not i am going to sell my 1200x and go digital. If anyone is interested pm me.

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i know its been a year but any chance you have one left?

i live in fox lake area.

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