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Dropped Projector

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So I was helping my brother set up his home theater. He bought the Optoma HD66 and is projecting to a painted drywall screen. When installing the projector on the ceiling he dropped it - there is a slight rattle inside. We finished the install - hooked everything up and everything appears to be ok. However - I am not impressed with the picture quality - colors are not popping and everything looks washed out a little - like it's not projecting at full power (I'm no expert in this area) - not really bad but a big difference compared to my Mitsubishi HD1000. Could something of happened to the projector when he dropped it to cause this? The other issue could be his screen - He could not get the Behr WOP so he got the Martha Stewart Precious Metals - Tin - so it was a quart of Behr White, quart of Behr Deep Base - Quart of MS Precious Metals. Ceiling mount w/white ceiling and it's in the basement so light controlled. We are going to paint the screen using Delta Ceramcoat - I couldn't find any reference to anybody using the Martha Stewart paint - so I'm hoping this will help. I guess my big question is would dropping the projector decrease the picture quality - I figured since the bulb fired and we are getting a half way decent picture - everything is functional. Might just need some good calibration and with the new paint it will be good to go - just pretty disappointed with the out of box quality.
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Light tunnel could have broken.. anything is possible if it was dropped.
I would take it down, and over to your place and hook it up on a table. Then you can compare to yours on the same screen...
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Right, a drop from that height could have moved one of the internal optics. The fact that you hear a "rattle" is not good. I agree with airscapes, test it in a known good environment.
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+1. A side by side comparison would be a good way to start regardless if it is in any of your houses.
That really sucks! hope is just the projection area or the lack of calibration, but if something is rattleing then you might need to open it to take a look inside. read your warranty first.
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Dohh, fum-ble!! Does he by any chance play for the Carolina Panthers? Tough break, literally.
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Most new projectors need some calibration to have a good picture. Ajusting the brightness and contast as well as the color setting can dramatically improve the picture. You usually need to pick the right mode on the projector as well. Sometimes cinema is not always the best compromise for the room setting. You need to experiment a bit.
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