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Samsung LN52B630 Power On Issues

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Hey guys...first off, thanks in advance to anyone who helps out...

Here's my issue: I have a Samsung LN52B630 that 52" LCD that was made in 2009. I am having issues getting it to power on. I have replaced the 4 main capacitors that have known to have issues. All i get is a red standby light that comes on when I plug it in. When I disconnect the cable that goes to the Main board(the board that has all the input/output connectors on it, I can get the backlight to come on when I plug the unit in. When I reconnect that cable, it won't do a thing. The tcon board is connected to the main board, and I have tried disconnecting just that ribbon cable and no luck...

Can anyone offer any insight into my issue...my initial though is to replace the power supply, but with it powering on the backlight with the main board disconnected it makes me think it's still good...

Thanks Again Everyone!
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You’ve done basic fault finding - so the first thing you should do is to tap yourself on the back (or get someone else to do it for you – it will feel even better!)

The problem is in either the "main board" as you call it... or (still) in power supply board.

There’s +5 V DC power supply rail that powers-up the IR (infra-red) LED receiver inside the TV... this LED receives the signals from the remote control. Now, this LED, the surrounding circuitry (micro-controller chip located on the “main board”) AND +5V power supply rail (from power supply module) have to be all good AND powered up at all times -> for TV to turn ON.
Either +5V DC power supply rail is not good… or something is wrong with micro-controller circuit and/or LED receiver…

Voltage rails are clearly labelled on the power supply module – measure them! There should be one +5V DC rail that is ON as soon as you plug the mains cable in to the mains outlet.

WARRNING! You’ll be measuring voltages around power supply module parts that hold lethal voltages – be VERY careful. If not confident enough, or unexperienced -> it is BETTER to take the TV to Service Centre.

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Thanks boky ...I have measured the voltage at the IR module and it does have 5volts running to 2 of the 3 terminals...I also measure the pinouts on the cable that runs to the main board and those are Roger correct voltages based on the print that is on the power supply board. I have a new power supply board coming so we'll see of that fixes it, otherwise time for a new "main board'
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Sorry, that should state Registering, not Roger...
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I would bet that the main board is the problem.
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EG3, Can you explain your theory or is it just a gut instinct...not trying to be a jerk or anything, just curious what your logic is...
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You have already done all the troubleshooting required. On your model, if you disconnect the cable between the main board and power supply and you get back-lights, then your power supply (at least part of it) is running. If you further check for the secondary voltages at the proper pins (listed on the P/S near the connector) and they are right, then there is no question that the P/S is working.
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Cool, Thanks for the explanation...One quick question for everyone...the part number on that board is BN41-01149B...Does it matter what model number is listed for the part. For example, I am looking on ebay for the board and the one i am looking at shows the correct part number(the BN41-01149B) but it shows for the model LN46B630...any issues getting the board that is listed for the 46b630 even though its the same part number?
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Well I went ahead and ordered the part even though it showed LN46B630...Seems to be the same board throughout the models...I'll keep everyone posted on what the actual issue was.
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If you can give me your version#, I can give you the part number that Samsung uses for your Main PCB as well as any substitutions. There are different part numbers and subs for each version. If you can't find the version# on either the rear label or the small right-side-rear label, the we can use your full serial number.
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My model number is LN52B630N1FXZA....The part number that is in the tv now is BN41-01149B.
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That part number does not register with Samsung. It may be a Samsung part number, but, for the blank PCB (before components were installed). The board you have coming should work if the markings are the same.
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This is the other part number on the board: BN97-04318A
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Well everyone...today I received the new "main board" as I've been calling it(the board that has all the input and output connectors), threw it in the tv and all is well...pretty much makes my day. I picked this tv up as non working on craigslist for $185 and put a $109/parts...a great tv for sub $300. :-) :-) :-)
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well done!

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Many thanks to both Extreme_Boky and EG3 for all your help...One last question...In the service menu, do I need to change the "model" and "type" or update the firmware on it or anything? I didn't my exact model in there but the type was set to B630...
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You should be ok with those settings. You should be able to get the latest firmware from Samsung's website. I think the latest version is 1014.
Glad to hear your set is up and running.
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I have identical problem of Samsung LN52B630 LCD not turning on. The red power light is lit, but the system will not turn on. After reading the thread, I replaced the main board with a "new one" from a dealer. Oops, still have the same problem. When I disconnect the main board cable from the power board, the backlight comes on. If I reconnect the power cable to the main board, the back light turns off. The set was purchased in Sept. of 2009. All capacitors on the power board look pristine with no bulges or discoloration. Any suggestions on possible causes and next steps in trouble shooting? Any help would be appreciated.
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Problem solved. Bent pin on the power supply connector. My fault, I bent a pin trouble shooting. Upon straightening the pin, the screen came to life. The main board was the original problem
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I hope that some one in this thread will be able to respond and help me.
I picked up this TV free from a neighbor who it died on. They had it wall mounted the issue is the same as these It will power on the back light will turn on for 3 seconds then shut off.
I could not find any directions on how to diagnose this problem besides this thread (that was the only hope)
I didn't think it was the power board because it did turn on and the back light turned on for a moment so I went strait for the controller board. Changed it out and problem still exists. So I just got today the power board thinking it was a transformer on the board (that was buzzing when the back light was on and stopped as soon as the light was off) and there is no buzzing sound now but the problem will exists. So now I am stuck, I disconnected the cable that goes from the T Con PCB to the controller board and when I turn on the tv I get the same thing, Back light on for like 3 seconds it plays the music and then all is black.

So what do I have left to look at? I guess I could change out the Backlight Inverter but I don't want to spend any more money on this unless I hear back from some one on this board.

Thanks in advance
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