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Toshiba BDX1200KU regionfree DVD and Blu-ray

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Toshiba BDX1200KU can be made regionfree by installing a regionfree firmware. Plays both PAL and NTSC DVD from all regions and blu-ray from all regions.

The firmware is originally for the australian model (BDX1200KY), but have been tested with success on an american model (BDX1200KU). The only thing I am not sure of is if you need a PAL capable TV or not. The one who tested it has a TV that supports both PAL and NTSC.

It can be obtained from a similar UK forum.
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I bought this machine from Amazon for use over here in the USA, and was disappointed that the Multi-region firmware was not already installed. So decided to do it myself. Region A Blu-rays played fine, but region-2 DVDs produced a "Wrong Region Code" error message.

I installed the BDX1200_APP Multi-region upgrade, but immediately found (even before inserting a DVD) that the image was distorted - the menus and screen-saver were visible, but flickery, unstable and unwatchable.

I am guessing that the machine is now playing out PAL or something right? I believe my Samsung HP-S4253 plasma TV is an NTSC unit, and that this may be

This has all turned out a little disappointing because my previous Multi-Region DVD player (Philips DVP5140 - now sadly dead) played back perfectly on this TV.

Even worse, I cannot find the original firmware for this machine!

Any suggestions?

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Sorry for late answer.

Yeah, it's because your TV doesn't handle PAL, so DVD R2 in PAL format will not be viewable. You should however be able to watch blu-ray discs from all regions if you manage to get into the menu to change the region.

To get back to your original firmware you can download it from Toshiba Canada and install that one:

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Can you please linky the multiregion fw please?

Most importantly, I assume the player will be able to do 1080i/50 and PAL DVD perfectly even without the region free firmware (provided the discs are not region locked)?
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I don't think I am allowed to link to another forum, so I suggest you google 'Toshiba BDX1200 region free'. On a similar UK forum you will find link to the firmware and instructions on how to change BD region. DVD region can be set to 0 that is region free.

But the important thing is to first check if your TV can handle PAL.
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I use a projector. It handles every signal imaginable... and that includes SECAM.
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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

I use a projector. It handles every signal imaginable... and that includes SECAM.

Lucky you

Give me a word if you have trouble finding the multiregion firmware.
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I found the firmware but currently having problem finding the BDX1200 in my area
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Hello Viking 61,
Its been a long time. The BDX1200ku is still working fine but my son has just bought a Sony 40" HDTV so I was thinking of giving him a 1200 but unfortunately they are not now available here. I can get LG BP120 which Google indicates is available from some retails region-free and zone-free but I cannot find the information to be able to do the hack.
The Toshiba BDK21 is also available and I have found a regionfree hack for that....
however I dont know if it will also play all zones?

Do you know anyting about these models? Sean would like the region-free and zone-free mod as he often visits the UK and buys DVDs....He attended university in the U K....
He also will have R egion 1 DVDs (hence BD Zone A) ...
Although Barbados is supposed to be in region 4 or 5 along with south american, we dont speak the language and buy our equipment in/from the States, hence we consider ourselves Region 1......
Any suggestions ?
Regards and seasons greetings
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Ref my earlier post, the hack for the BDK21 did not work! in fact, it seems that few of the attempts to change to regionfree by input from the remote do not work
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