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VP50 vs Duo aspect ratio control

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What is the difference between these two? If I got a lens and used it for CIH does the VP50 allow more control over the stretch factors? Does the Duo simply do a 33% stretch and no in between? I suppose that would mean that movies between 1.78 and 2.35:1 (like 2.0:1 and 2.20:1 for example) couldn't be stretched with a Prismasonic doing a variable stretch, right? You'd have to watch as is with black bars in 16:9. Is this right?
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Unless something has changed recently, the Edge and Duo do not have custom aspect ratio control. They only have 4:3, 16:9, and "Letterbox" settings.

Older models from the VP50Pro backwards (including the original VP50) have comprehensive custom aspect ratio control. You can dial in any ratio for your screen and any ratio for the content you're watching, with or without anamorphic lens, and they will scale appropriately.
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I thought you were able to do a simple 33% vertical stretch, no?
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Originally Posted by cpc View Post
I thought you were able to do a simple 33% vertical stretch, no?
The "Letterbox" setting will do that. It's intended for use watching non-anamorphic letterbox discs on a 16:9 screen. You can use this to stretch 2.35:1 letterboxed content for use with an anamorphic lens, but that's the extent of its aspect ratio control. There are no custom settings for content with other ratios (such as the 2.0:1 you'll find on 2001 or The Sound of Music).
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Well, I guess there won't be as much 'custom' aspect ratio control as the VP50 I have now, but I want a CMS. The stupid thing is, on the comparison chart, iirc, the lists for aspect ratio controls are identical between the VP50 and the Duo, so one would think they are the same.
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There are custom settings for zoom (16x), H and V stretch (have to check how much), and underscan (20%) on the Edge on the latest firmware, presumably also on the Duo.
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I got fed up with DVDO earlier this year and switched to Lumagen, and am glad I did. The Radiance-XS is a much better product than anything DVDO is currently putting out.
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I had got the message clear and loud long ago since you said it many times and it's really not my concern whatsoever, but to say the current DVDOs have no custom AR controls is kind of misleading whether intentional or not.
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If I could afford a Lumagen, I would try one. The Duo does a lot and the price is affordable. A useful Lumagen is at least double or triple the cost of the Duo.
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I have a VP50 and use it with a lens for cinemascope. I looked up the specs for the DUO vs. the VP50 and if you are using a 1080P projector it should manually stretch the vertical for different aspect ratios. The major differences are the support of different output formats and the ability to save to multiple user settings. The number of movies that vary from the typical aspect ratios is few and far between so I don't even save these settings in my VP 50. I do have the ability to recall the output configuration from 48 Hz (24 fps) film material to 60 Hz (Video) but don't watch hardly any TV in my theater. Sometimes concerts are recorded in 60 fps.
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