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Yamaha RX-A3010: First Impressions

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Picked up a Yamaha RX-A3010 today from a local retailer. First impressions:

Build quality is excellent: heavy, sturdy, solid feel to controls (knobs are low mass, though. Not likely they'll get used much with all the remotes).

Setup was pretty easy, auto EQ was fast. Air conditioning kicked in during the test (noise), haven't redone it, sounds very good.

Audio quality: before eq, sounded flat, after eq, sounds pretty good.

I'm using this device for surround audio mixing and testing (video production, game development). Speakers are DefTech ProCinema 800 (L+R), 1000 (center), DefTech sub, and 600 series surrounds (up to 7.1). In the same space I have Tannoy Reveal 501a's (front and center), and a pair of Mackie HR824's for the rears, all connected directly to an RME Fireface 800 via balanced Mogami cables (DefTech sub is used for LFE). The audio quality of the RME directly driving the powered monitors is very detailed and high quality (192kHz, 24bit): in one word- amazing. I will test this setup later using the Pre outs of the 3010 (instead of directly hooked up to the RME). I already had the Mackies- if not, 5 Tannoys would make an excellent powered monitor setup that would be hard to beat for the cost.

So far, easy to set up- have not needed the on disk manual. Good idea for Yamaha not to print the manual- saves them money, saves trees; searching a PDF is fast & easy.
Took a look at the PDF- looks excellent.

3010 On Screen controls: it's not super flashy, but it is fairly easy to use and gets the job done.

Network: at first, no internet radio was visible, but after a little while, I was listening to foreign radio (found decent German channel- played all American rock/pop, entertaining to hear the between song banter in German).

HDMI control- works great. Nice to be able to control volume, etc., using the TV remote (Samsung D8000).

Control via a web browser is very cool.

HD (digital) radio sounds excellent.

Thermal- digital thermometer: 106.7F top of unit (ambient 77.5F). Would prefer lower temp and higher efficiency, however unit provides auto power off and other green (energy saving) modes. Unit has 9 discrete power amplifiers.

Advanced Settings requires magic button combos- manual is helpful.

Firmware update via network: Unit came with v1.03. Ran network firmware update: worked OK; updated to 1.06.

Prior receivers: Sony DA50-ES (5.1)- lasted 13 years until it quit outputting sound last week (still powers up); the 3010 replaces it. Also have a Denon AVR 2807- still works and sounds great (drives some older large Polks). I considered the Denon 4311ci, Marantz SR7005, etc., but wanted to give Yamaha a try this time as many folks suggest that Yamaha is the most reliable. The 4311ci is over a year old design (new models apparently delayed); not really a negative- it's still a solid product. As an iPhone developer, I already have an Apple TV, so AirPlay on the receiver isn't important. AirPlay is convenient (more so for video); for audio just plugging the device in via USB or even an audio cable is fine.
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I was on the Yamaha web site admiring that receiver yesterday. It looks awesome.
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Tested out the iPhone App- works great, very cool!

The environment effects for my prior receivers (Sony, Denon) weren't really usable. The Yamaha effects are more subtle, but also more usable. Interesting hearing a dry classical piece in a high-quality reverb space- sounds excellent.
The only other piece of Yamaha gear I have is this guy: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/music...rators/vl70-m/
Still sounds awesome (purchased in 1998). On that note, I like Taylor & Martin for the higher end acoustic guitars (and Composite Acoustics for travel), but for anyone looking to learn guitar- the Yamaha FG700S sounds and plays amazing for the price (any time I see one at the guitar store, I pick it up and play it- always sounds great (typically in tune!)).

Back on topic, received an 8 channel snake cable today, will try routing the RME FF800 though the 3010 to see how it sounds. This will allow controlling the Tannoy & Mackie monitors via the 3010 (FF 800 requires using the computer and a controller app when hooked up directly).

Samsung D8000 ARC (audio return) works well- hadn't used the TV in a while (no cable- using OTA digital), accidentally switched to TV and heard the audio coming out of the surround speakers- sounds good.
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Hey if you decide you don't like it, I can save you a trip to the store. I will offer $100 and pay shipping

I like my Z7, but been having problems adjusting the volume. Annoying Seems to be the remote. They don't make them like they used to.
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The Z7 looks like a pretty solid piece of gear. Sounds like some of those higher end features made it into the 3010?
Does the volume work OK for the 2nd remote? Does the iOS remote app work with it? You could always use a web browser to control volume from any phone with web support.
Dig the iOS remote: Wifi- non directional (no IR or IR bounce needed).

I drove down to Orange County from LA- the retailer has them in stock while most online dealers don't have them yet. The local retailer offered it for a lot less than retail (looks like this forum doesn't allow discussing prices). While your offer is generous, I need to use this device for work- I'm not sure I can get a similar device for the offered price ;-).

I have been listening to Pandora all day with the 'compressed audio' enhancer enabled- sounds very good (guitar on right now sounds excellent). Earlier, some pianos and other very high frequency content had some noise/artifacts, however the enhancer didn't hurt in this case (didn't fix it either).
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Anyone in the LA/Orange County/Santa Ana area looking to pick up a 3010, looks like these guys still have them in stock: http://www.mainstelectronics.com/location.html
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Had to use the manual: the light button for the remote is hidden on the right side. Once you know it's there, it's easy to find by touch.
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Yamaha seems confused about how to design remotes. They finally find a decent design, and then change it again.
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The location is actually very good- easy to find by touch alone. They could solve the issue by placing a sticker with an arrow on the remote, showing where the light button is (removed before use). Another option is just paint an arrow (permanent)- probably cheaper to manufacture.

My Denon remote is more complex & cluttered vs. this new Yamaha. The Sony ES had a two-way touch screen remote (1998 product) which was a good idea before its time. However, it was massive, required a stylus pen to use (or perhaps fingernail IIRC), ate batteries, and died a short life. The replacement remote was $300. Now we have iPhone/iPad/Android. Same idea, cheaper, better implementations.

I have yet to use the small remote.

The usability issue with the iPhone remote is too many steps to get to functionality: press home button, wait for phone to come up, swipe, wait, launch app, wait, search for correct screen, execute desired action. It's nice for setup stuff, and if the app was left running would be less steps, otherwise just grabbing the main remote is the most efficient and easy to use. Perhaps after I use it more (and set everything up completely), the small remote will become useful. The iPhone remote would be very useful for a party or when controlling the volume from anywhere in the house is desired.
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Originally Posted by MichaelJHuman View Post

Yamaha seems confused about how to design remotes. They finally find a decent design, and then change it again.

It could be worse, he could have the remote for the RX-A1000. Worst remote I've ever used. Buttons too tiny to do anything and I don't have big hands.
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Originally Posted by JohnSchultz View Post

And I quote you. "BLANK PAGE"
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@phantom52: interesting, what browser, OS, Flash version? Here's a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCN9oLpwv4w

Looks OK here- here's the generated code from your quote of the post:

Originally Posted by JohnSchultz View Post
And I quote you. "BLANK PAGE"
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After I posted the last post, I did see the embedded flash/youtube as blank (Win7x64, Chrome). Refreshed page & everything came back (should have done a View Source & grabbed the generated code).
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Originally Posted by JohnSchultz View Post

After I posted the last post, I did see the embedded flash/youtube as blank (Win7x64, Chrome). Refreshed page & everything came back (should have done a View Source & grabbed the generated code).

no problem,figured something wasn't where it was supposed to be.
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For those of us who are dimensionally challenged is a 2D version available?
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If you watch it on youtube, you can select '3D' (lower right) and select "Turn off 3D".
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Looks great in 2D.
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Thanks ira. You can get free color anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D glasses from:

So far the only way I have found to watch youtube in 3D on an HDTV is when hooked up through a computer.
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3010 Temperature Measurements
Ambient: 78F

Top of Unit
Laser thermometer: 105F
Digital thermometer: 105F

Compared to my Denon 2807
Ambient: 76F
Laser thermometer: 105F

Both units have good ventilation (open front/rear at least 3" space above).
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JOHN what was your equalizer setting on your 3010?
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I'm using the FLAT EQ setting.
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I switched the sound parameters to standard ..I WAS using 9.1 with no back surrounds the surrounds sounded to top heavy to me went to the standard setting and the surrounds seem to pick up the more subtle sounds instead of hearing voices and base in and being to over bearing .it's like you can hear the wind blowing ..I'm still using my old remote got to get use to the new one yet

ambient temp 80 degree's
laser thermometer 105 degree
thanks john
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I just received my Aventage 3010. It was a warranty upgrade from the 3000.

The unit is a big as my ex Denon 4308A but deeper. I just finished the new Ypao calibration

on my 9.1 system and must say I am very impressed. The sound has a lot more clarity than the 3000 and I think it has a lot to do with the revised version of YPAO.

Really loving this unit. I was a Denon man for years but owned the Yamaha rx 1800.

This sounds a lot better than my Denon's ever did.
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I have an DSP-Z7.
The new 3010 Aventage will be an improvement in audio and auto cal department regards DSP-Z7?
Does anybody made an comparison between the two models?

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I have it all hooked up.
Love it so far except (big except)

I am having no luck outputting digital sources to zone 2 and zone 3.

I have it set up for 7.1 main room, Zone 2 Kitchen, Zone 3 Deck.

Is it true that it won't output digital to Z2 Z3 ?!

I can re-attach my CD player with analog RCA L/R cables but WHY??!!
I am so bummed. If I do that I feel cheated out of the true digital out put to the main room.

I am thinking, maybe attach the L/R RCA to another RX-A3010 input and leave single digital cable connected to another input. Would a CD player be able to output Dig and Analog at the same time???


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I had luck with the CD - It outputs simultaneously Digital and Analog, so I just ran two separate inputs - success # 1. CD now in Z 2 and Z 3.
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.....also I notice a slight phase difference between main and kitchen speakers playing the same source. Is there a way to get them in sync?
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Got a rx-a3010 a couple weeks ago. Awesome receiver. I love the iPad app. Sounds great. YPAO did a great job on the setup.
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How does the YPAO compare to what the 3900 came with a couple years ago.Has it Improved since then?
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