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Screen Choice Advice, Specific

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I'm new to the projector world, and I could use some help choosing a projector screen to fit the home theater application I have in mind:
Projector: Epson HC8350 Powerlite Home Cinema 1080p projector
Brightness: 2000 lumens
Contrast: 50,000:1
Desired screen size: 105" diag at 16:9 (51.5"H x 91.5"W) - preferably fixed wall-mounted (not one that pulls up or down)
The screen will be next to a floor-ceiling window, which I consider to be "medium" ambient light during the day with blinds closed. I've used the projector on the bare wall, which is somewhat glossy, and the image is more than bright enough at that size even during the day but suffers from hotspotting and the texture of the wall.
What I need help figuring out is what color (grey, white), what finish (matte, glass-bead), what gain (to counteract ambient light pollution but not have a hotspot), and what brand is best (and what brands to avoid). I'd like to spend around $500 if possible, and a reconditioned screen is ok as long as the screen itself is undamaged.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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I am also in the market for a screen, and like you, could really use some education on what to look for. For example...matte white...grey..glass beaded...what are the advantages of each type?

My needs are for an approximately 100 inch diagonal ceiling mounted screen to drop down in front of my current 61 inch Samsung TV for when I really want the cinema experience.
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