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I have a vernable Sony 53XBR300 rptv.

When watching the images from any source (tv, vhs, dvd)and in any picture mode (PRO, STANDARD, VIVID, GAME, MOVIE), I now notice 2 horizontal "hotspots" of distortion near upper half and center of the screen. These hotspot distortions extend the width of the screen and are noticablely brighter then the rest of the screen area.

A second problem is with vertical or vertical moving images or objects like buildings and screen credits rolling vertically across these 'hotspots' as they become distorted or warped. I check the inside and outside of the set's display screens in the vicinity of the hotspot bands, but the screen didn't 'feel' warped or bowed.

I accessed the service mode and checked with the built-in convergance grids all 3 r,g,b crt guns, and adjusted their geometry line up as good as they can be, yet the distortion still rears it's uglyhead. In the service mode with the the grid lines off, I projected each r,g,b gun one at a time, yet could still see the horizontal hotspot band appearing in each colored gun on the screen.

I normally watch everthing in the 'PRO' mode. If I adjust the screen picture or contrast to a lower setting, the brightness of the band falls within the same brightness as the rest of the screen, but vertical moving images, like a movie's credit roll, still distorts. Dispite the distortion, the set displays a very detailed image as the XBR line should.

Could this be an electrical problem and not a physical problem with the lens?

Anybody ever had or heard of this problem before? I've had this set since January 2000. Thanks.