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G! by Elan and Airplay

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Hello! I have a new G! by elan system. Is it possible to get it to work with Apple Airplay. I am trying to play songs on my ipad and have it distributed throughout the house. Currently, the G! system does have functionality to upload songs, and crate playlists... but I would rather just have it stream off my Ipad or Ipod. Any way to make this happen?
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I use an Apple Airport Express in my system.
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so do you have the airport express plugged into the G! brain? and the music is distributed thoughout your house? also, do you have an option to select this on your g! system under media?
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No I donĀ“t have the AirPort connected to the HC Controller. I have connected it to an input on my Integra AVR and this source is distributed to my three zones.

// Conny
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Elan seems no airplay realated product now. I recommand you add a Xantech BDXTT to your system.It is simple bluetooth receiver connecting your ipad to AVR. I tried it,and feel it is good.
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You can use a AirPort as one of your source. Pull it in source in on the multi-zone s86 or m86. But what if you get a phone call or your battery dies? That the part I don't like. Elan G HC controller has a build in mp3 player or even 2 on the HC6 And HC12. All you have to do is point to a nas or pc on the network where your music lives(itunes). Best way to do this is have a pc or a Home server running all the time. Do a itune sync on that pc to your main, each time you add music it sync and the HC should be set to scan each night so it all up to date.
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