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Toshiba RPTV mirror warranty???  

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I have had a Toshiba RPTV for almost two years.

There are a bunch of parallel lines of swirl marks on the mirror. They look like they were from the manufacturing process.

Does anyone know the warranty on defects to the mirror? The info that came with the TV is in boxes, and I can't get to it right now.

I have an extended warranty that should cover this, if the original warranty is out of date.

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You have to be able to demonstrate a problem without going inside the TV ... or else you are inviting them to void the remainder of the warranty.

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Thanks for the quick response, Michael. I have enjoyed reading your posts here and on other forums.

I noticed the scratches when I had to take the screen off to move it into my apartment. The turn at the top of the stairs was perfect, with the screen removed.

This has kept me from doing any serious attempts at convergence/calibration. I figure it would never be asgood as it should.

The picture issue that suspect is most likely from this is that if there is anyone wearing a white shirt, it really washes out the screen. Imagine someone wearing a dark suit, being interviewed by Charlie Rose. The whole screen looks like you are crying while looking at car headlights. (Overstated for effect, but really bad, nontheless)

This could also be the poor light control inside in general. The things that prompt other people to put in duvetyne (sp?) and make hoods???

So what could I do, get a service call that requires opening the screen, and then notice the scratches myself, while he is there? The scratches do not knock you over, but they are definitely there.

I do not think it would be practically possible for anyone to produce the scratch pattern. I would think that anyone who knows the polishing equipment at the factory could easily tell that these scratches were caused by it.

Other than that, I guess I would have to rely on some test patterns to show how the picture is not all that great, and try to get them to open it up to find the problem???

Best Regards,
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