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Remote Controls

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Hi all,

I'm new here and to the idea of media pc's in general so I thought I'd seek some expert guidance with one thing that I can't seem to find a good answer for, that being media centre remote controls which can control the mouse too.

I've seen a few possibilities, some of which don't seem to be available any more and others which are little more than hacks.

One of the few that seems like it could work is the Fractal Design Shape remote control, but I can't seem to find any information on how good/easy it is to use in reality, it also seems like they may have discontinued it although I can still find a few places stocking it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated -- I'm located in the UK which may also reduce the options I have.

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hey there, if you have an android based phone, the ''universal remote'' app works really good over your wifi network. You can use your phone as a mouse pad, keyboard, number pad, and has preset layouts.

The xbmc app for your phone is awesome if you use xbmc. Though it doesn't have a mouse capabilities, the ability to have access to your entire media library on your phone is just so cool.

As far as physical remotes, I just bought a remote with a mouse function that costed me $7us. Works awesome. Cheap looking and feeling, but just works.
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search ''wireless usb pc remote control mouse for pc''
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The ZVRemote works great.
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This is the best I've seen:

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I want a remote that is a full 5 or more device univeral remote, full air mouse capabilities, and has a traditional WMC remote layout including the Green button and all the standard MC controls in the standard positions. Oh and I want to be a learning remote and actually have a decent library of codes not like the Gyration crap with extra buttons free to assign.

Don't want much do I?
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@gtgray. You are not alone!

My HTPC is too complicated for my family to use (and sometimes I wonder if it is worth the money and hassle). A remote should be simple and have the most used functions.

When I need something more functional, I grab my wireless keyboard.

When I administer the HTPC, I simply remote into it.

A remote without a mouse is VERY limited. Especially with Hulu's UI button locations. Or when you get dropped out of an application into the OS. Or when a pop-up dialog appears.

But I'm not willing to pay a lot for this. To me, this should be very basic, with a basic price.
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An Android tablet makes a nice remote. You don't need a mouse since it's a touch screen.

A straight Media Center remote is also nice, but isn't as family friendly as the Android solution.
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I use a few of these with great results and full mouse functionality with the middle pad.
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Thanks for all the replies so far -- some good ideas and certainly things I haven't seen before.

Unfortunately the Android option is out -- I'm not a big fan of smart phones and my dumb phone does everything I need of it.

The Motorola remote looks awesome, shame about the supply issues but then since I'm only just starting to put a build together maybe they'll be sorted by the time I need something.

The motherboard I just bought (ASUS F1A75-I Deluxe) actually comes with a remote (although I've heard it's pretty bad) so I guess I'll see how I get on and then revisit the topic later if need be.

Thanks everyone!
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Originally Posted by Neimad View Post

Unfortunately the Android option is out -- I'm not a big fan of smart phones and my dumb phone does everything I need of it.

There are a lot of tablets coming out now. They aren't phones. They're similar to the iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab's, for example. I realize you're probably not interested. In my opinion, they are game changes as remotes. In an HTPC setting, you can leave the TV off and still select music easily.
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