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enjoying movies on the AE100  

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No more tweaking and arguing on the Panny AE100 in the mean while. I'm enjoying movies.

- Riding in Cars with Boys
- Ice Storm

- The One
- Spy Game
- The Man Who Cried

- Ocean's Eleven

- Jeepers Creepers (a VERY BAD movie!)
- Thir13en Ghosts

Actually I saw Panic Room in theater on Wed too but that didn't count! AE100 usage at 275 hours and counting... :)


Li On
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Not only are you an HT expert, you also like Christina Ricci? You're mi hero!

Didn't you feel the urge to tweak anything in the middle of a movie?

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Hi Grubert,

I like Christina Ricci. She is beautiful in The Man Who Cried. Btw why the movie has such title? It is all above the Christina Ricci character. The movie music is wonderful too.

When I have a new setup (new projector in case of the AE100), I tweak the picture to death in the first few days while watching tons of short clips which I'm know very well. Then it's movie time. Usually I won't tweak the picture during the middle of a movie unless something is obviously wrong.

My theory of picture tunning is to get a best overall balanced from many reference movie clips first. Then leave the setting and watch new movie. Unless something is seriously wrong, I won't and shouldn't tweak the picture in the middle of a movie because that will destroy the balance of the current picture setting. If you think a single movie seems off on the brightness or contrast or color or anything, it should be just the character of the movie or the director intention or the DVD was just done wrong! If you change the picture control for that problem disc, than all other normal DVD picture will be affected too. If you must change the setting, then remember to restore the correct balance setting after finished the problem disc.

Then again I know some people like to always tweak the picture here and there...


Li On
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Are you renting these movies or owning them?
I didn't know Oceans Eleven was out on DVD already.

As for the Man who Cried, I think it refers to Johnny Depp crying in the movie about having to leave Christina Ricci. Who knows, I wasn't paying too much attention, my wife loves those kinds of movies.....not to mention Johnny Depp:(
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From Bozo:

I didn't know Oceans Eleven was out on DVD already.

must be one of those Hong Kong famous imports....;)
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As I read it again, I think Li On meant he saw it at the theater...seems like he's been there on Wed....

otherwise, I'd like to know where to get these imports.
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You didn't like Jeepers Creepers? While it wasn't consistently good all the way through, it was probably one of the spookiest movies I've seen in a long, long time. My wife and I both jumped through the ceiling more than once!

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Never seen jeepers creepers....i like horror flicks...but not the lame gory stuff...those i don't find scary..what i find scary are actually flicks like what lies beneath, sixth sense....
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LI on,

where to buy cheap ae-100 and iscan in HK?
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Li on you are my hero *grin*

- Paris when it sizzles
- Billy Elliot
- Chocolat

- Forest Gump
- Pulp Fiction

- Neon Genesis Evangelion (13 EVAs)

- Lawrence of Arabia
- Groundhog Day

This weekend BRAVEHEART Costume party, 10 plus people! Some I own, most are netflix. 114 hours and counting. Did I mention I love my AE100?
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Just reading about Li On talking about watching movies makes me see artifacts. :p
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I preferred 'the others' to jeepers creepers, damn fine film imho
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Yeah, jeppers creepers falls apart around the half way mark but if you can manage to watch it without knowing the plot then it has one of the spookiest openings for a long time. I love movies where you have no idea what's going to happen next.

If you've seen the trailer for this one then it would suck horribly.

I'm still playing around with different resolutions on the AE100. Sometimes there's zero screen door, others it's observable. I think I should start keeping notes or something.
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What resolutions are you trying? You are trying these with an HTPC I imagine?
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Yeah, I have a HTPC with a 16MB TNT2 card. Radeon 7500 on order from Digital Connection (although it's been 3 weeks now and i'm started to get worried it'll never show up).

640 x 480 is chunky.

800 x 600 registers as WIDE600 and is usually ok, screen door is relatively notable.

I can't get the magic 856 x 480 registering as WIDE480, so don't use it.

1024 x 768 registers as XGA and looks very good. If you defocus enough the screendoor disappears completely (using filter). I've used this most often.

1280 x 720 is WIDE720 and looks great but the PC image blanks out intermittently (not too often, but still very annoying when it happens). Strain on the video card I'm guessing.

These comments are probably premature though, I haven't experimented enough to be definitive.
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Li on you are my hero as well :D

- Bugs Life-with my nephews, picture is AWESOME
- Star Wars-Phantom of the Menace-
- Shrek

- True Lies
- Pulp Fiction

- Mummy Returns

- Saving Private Ryan
- Matrix

And on Saturday morning went and bought 15 more DVD's. 53 hours and counting. Did I ALSO ;) mention that i love my AE100?
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Try 848 x 480 or 848 x 484. I think that is the pixel perfect DVD setting to ensure that PC PRIORITY WIDE works ok.
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Is this on the AE100? How can I change my resolutions? I have just been using the PC Wide. Thanks.
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I've been using 856X480 per Li On's original HTPC setting post awhile ago.

Li On's complete HTPC setting can be founf on this thread:
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640 x 480 is chunky.

800 x 600 registers as WIDE600 and is usually ok, screen door is relatively notable.

I can't get the magic 856 x 480 registering as WIDE480, so don't use it
I mean use "power strip" or some other software to get an exact resolution of 856 x 480. Apparantly, that is the exact 1:1 native pixel resolution of the AE100 and that is how to achieve the highest quality period :)

It sounds like you've tried 1024 x 768 and it looks good. Once you run 848 x 480 and choose WIDE on the AE100, apparantly, according to most, its a whole new ball game :)

Check the link above for Li On's config :cool:
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Guys, if you're not getting 856x480 native resolution... you aren't seeing the AE100 the way it should be seen. You are forcing the AE100 to downconvert and do other scaling... and you really don't want to.

The AE100 needs to be in PC priority: WIDE

Get power strip and set up a custom resolution of 856x480 following the parameters that Li On gave.

- JP
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Watched Bandits last night. Man it's a funny movie! And the picture quality is great!

After that I checked My Best Friend Wedding again. Haven't watched the DVD for a while. I used to play a few clips of the movie to check flesh tone. It's my reference DVD for skin tone. And I watched those few clips countless time on all the CRT projectors before. The resulting picture on the AE100 shocked me! It looked almost as good as the NEC XG85 CRT projector before! I really doubt it can be even better! It seems I just can't tweak it anymore!

Btw, no need to bother with a HTPC as I'm using a Panasonic RA71 DVD player via S-video to a iScan Plus V1 line doubler to the AE100 VGA in either WIDE480 (anamorphic) or VGA480 (4:3) display mode.

Enjoy! Usage at 304 hours and counting... :)


Li On

PS: still LONG way to go for the 5000 hours...
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Bandits was an enjoyable movie!
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How do you find the time? You guys get to watch way too many movies!
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Hi Pultzar,

We MUST watch too many movies otherwise people will complain we only see the artifacts and can't enjoy movies! It's hard to please tham all! :)


Li On
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Just finished watching The One and I have to say the especial effects are much better than I expected. I can't believe they were trying to cast the Rock as the lead character, what where they thinking?

Add to that Braveheart, Fightclub, Amadeus and at least one hour of Rally Sport Xbox for the weekend (hey it was nice outside, sue me)

I am completelly happy with the picture of my RP56, I have a long ways to go with the xbox though. The Hd pack component outputs get me nowhere near where I know I can be. There has to be a way to make the picture of the xbox come alive on the AE!

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I've had no success in getting my 856x480 setting to register as WIDE480. Can't quite get the settings right with my TNT2. I haven't bothered too much with it as I've got a Radeon 7500 on order (and the TNT2 seems too look pretty good anyway). In defence of Digital Connection I should point out that I live half a world away from them, and I got a card from the post office today saying that there's a package there for me to pick up. Woo hoo!

Can anyone quickly advise which drivers are best to install for HTPC purposes? I've read they can be a pain to remove so it'd be good to get it right first time...
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I watched Shaolin Soccer and Ben Hur on the weekend and enjoyed both movies on the AE100. The picture on Ben Hur was 'ok' while Shaolin Soccer was impressive.
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I think the link a few posts back in this thread has Li On's HTPC settings and that might include his drivers. Definitely remove your TNT drivers and remove the card in SAFE MODE, then shut down and install the new card you use.

hey mancubus, looks like you and LiOn are using roughly similar setups with interlaced and iscan v1.
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Ya, I noticed that. I believe he's omitted the Hoya from his set up though. You'll have to pry mine from my cold dead hands. :D
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