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NAS or external hard drive via SATA....

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I need to expand my hard drive space for music file storage. Presently I only play the music on the computer they are stored in but it may be nice to have it as a option to have the music networked in the future. I'm looking to expand from 2gig's now to 4gig via a 2 or 4 bay external enclosure (computer is pretty full). I might do the 4 bay for future expansion, and or raid. With the cost of 2gig drive so low I am going to use them instead of single 3-4 gig drive. Are there any advantages to using a NAS over a SATA connection or even USB? I would like to have it look like one big drive to the computer but that's not critical. Also, I do run my network through a gigaport switch. Thanks for any thoughts you can offer me.
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It seems to me that a NAS would be overkill for what you need. You'd be spending more to gain not much, since all you want is more storage and you don;t need to share it between multiple boxes. Espescially if you're looking to buy a solution rather than build your own. A simple DAS will suffice and be cheaper. Essentially this just adds a bunch of hard-drives to your PC - in an external enclosure, usually connected by eSATA or USB (which ideally is 3.0). If you haven't either of these in your PC expansion cards are easy and cheap - a lot of the enclosures come supplied with an eSATA card anyway. You can configure most of them as a RAID array - if you're willing to risk losses you can set that up to appear as just one big drive without any data protection (though I personally wouldn't!)

Sans Digital do some nice 4-drive enclosures

Like you say, at present 2Tb drives offer the best storage-price; however, larger drives need to be considered if you get to the point where it;s a choice between one enclosure filled with 3Tb drives or having to buy two enclosures using 2Tb drives. It doesn;t sound like you need that though. Yet (evil laugh)
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